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Single-drum winders Ts-1,6х1,2AR

<p>CLS550P is equipped with modern visualization software, which allows to control shearer operation in real-time mode, automatically calculate daily output, as well as analyse in details recorded data and figure out causes of efficiency decrease and equipment downtime.</p>
Drum diameter, m
Hoisting speed, max, m/s
Rope static tension, kN

Single-drum winders are designed and manufactured in any set and according to customer individual requirements.

Winders are manufactured with both pad-radial and hydraulic disk brake systems.

Winders are manufactured with both normal and explosion-proof versions.

Rope static tension, kN 40
Rope static tension difference, kN 40
Hoisting speed, max, m/s 4,5
Gearbox reduction ratio 20 30
Drum diameter, m 1,6
Drum winding part width, m 1,2

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