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Mine skips

Loading capacity, кN, not more than
До 16
Moving speed, m/s, not more than
Skip weight, t

Corum Group designs and produces skips for coal, ore and rock mass transportation in vertical and inclined shafts, equipped with single-rope and multi-rope winders.

By body design, following skips are offered: dumping, body-bended and body-fixed ones; by sliding gate, skips are produced with sectoral, sectoral with sliding pan, valve and sliding gate.

Heavy-loaded joints (framework, pan, gate and bars for suspension gears connection) are produced using low-alloy low-carbon steel according to GOST 19281, the one performed for heavy-loaded constructions and which provide both high strength and fatigue parameters.

Working surfaces are lined up with solid and durable metal sheets, applied material is agreed with customer. As a lining Corum Group uses stainless steel, HARDOX, bimetal SWIP sheets, Hadfield steel and rubber-metal lining.

In order to reduce exploitation costs in every joint assemblies there may be used SKF metal-graphite slide bushings (or same quality analogues). SKF slide bushings have self-lubricating coating based on PTFE (no need in lubrication during exploitation) provide reliable and durable operation in aggressive environment and almost don’t require technical support.

Skip may be manufactured equipped with suspension gear for hoisting and balancing ropes.

Loading capacity, кN, not more than 10…325
Moving speed, m/s, not more than До 16
Nominal body capacity, m³ 0,5…35
Skip weight, t 1…31

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