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Clients, partners, authorities and mass media have the right to expect honest business from us, and our employees should be able to feel proud not only for what they have achieved, but also for the way in which it was done.

Why we need the Code of Corporate Ethics

There can not be any compromises here. For Corum, it's important to be a company making its employees proud of their job and respected by others.

Corum employees live and work in different countries of the world. Uniting different cultures, experiences, talents and specialties, we are a global company. The Code of Corporate Ethics defines high standards, on the basis of which we defend our position and implement our principles.

This Code does not limit our individuality and does not give rigid instructions how to act in each specific situation. First of all, it lays down principles of conduct we have to adhere to in our relations with our colleagues and business partners in the communities and countries where we conduct our business.

Our principles are not just words. They define ourselves and will always be in the first place in everything we do.The Code of Corporate Ethics is the foundation that can guarantee the attractiveness of Corum for true professionals and for clients who value our company as a competent and reliable partner.

Trust line SCM

Within the framework of the "Trust line SCM" project of SCM Group, a direct feedback channel has been opened, which provides additional guarantees that the holding companies meet the highest ethical standards.

All messages are confidential and not disclosed. All the facts described in your messages will be reviewed and verified. You may not share your name if you want the message to remain anonymous. If you tell us your name, we will keep your confidentiality, the investigation of the violation will be more effective, and you will be able to receive information about the progress and results of the check of your message.

The Trust line SCM is not intended to receive advice on goods and services, provide remote services or handle customer complaints and comments.


Appeal concerning the investigation of incidents at territories temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian authorities

Dear Applicant,
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that SCM Group has completely lost control over the enterprises located on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian authorities, on which we reported on March 15, 2017.

For this reason, at the moment we do not have the opportunity to set a deadline for providing feedback on reports that contain information about violations of the Code of Ethics at these enterprises. When the control over the enterprises is restored, feedback on these messages will be given promptly.

Sincerely, Corum Ethics Committee.


Corum anti-corruption program

In October 2015, Corum completed the work and began to implement the Anti-Corruption Program at its enterprises. The appearance of the provision is due to the introduction of the Law of Ukraine "On Preventing Corruption" in April 2015, which is mandatory for execution by companies participating in state tenders. Corum has been actively pursuing anti-corruption activities for a few years. First of all, it is the construction of an effective system of internal control and risk management, the introduction of the Code of Corporate Ethics, procedures for managing conflicts of interest, as well as the independent integrated Trust Line (hotline).