Ildar Saleev appointed as DTEK Energy CEO 15 January 2021 Ildar Saleev has been appointed as CEO of DTEK Energy on January 14, 2021. Dmytro Sakharuk, who previously led the company, has now assumed the Executive Director role at DTEK.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021! 24 December 2020
Happy Energy Worker Day! 22 December 2020
On the basis of the best engineering solutions: Corum Group presents a modern powered complex 17 November 2020 A presentation of the new powered complex took place at the plant “Corum Svet Shakhtyora”.   Powered face complex is a complete set of mining equipment used for coal production and transportation, providing high equipment performance and ensuring achievement of planned indicators.   Longwall complex includes KDK500 longwall shearer, SPC230 armoured face conveyor (285 meters long), SPC230 stage loader, as well as 3KD90TS powered roof support.   
3 stages of quality control. How Corum Group takes care of the quality of its products 09 November 2020 On 12 November we will celebrate World Quality Day. On the eve of this holiday, the head of the quality management service of Corum Group Anastasia Gulina told about the company’s «inner workings» and revealed the secret that prompts customers to return to Corum Group with new orders.
Corum AR mobile application – innovative approach to working with customers 09 October 2020 3D-models of the innovative equipment produced by Corum Group are now available on smartphones, in Corum AR mobile application.
Corum Group presented the first in Ukraine extra-thin seam coal miner combined machine 22 September 2020 An innovative development of the Corum Group, the CLS550P shearer, was presented at Corum Svet Shakhtera plant on the eve of Miner's Day. This is the most anticipated technique of 2020.
SCM CEO Oleg Popov addresses SCM businesses 21 March 2020 The fight against coronavirus pandemic does not stop for a moment. SCM companies have 200,000 employees working under its umbrella. With their families, it's more than half a million Ukrainian citizens. We put drastic preventive measures into place long before the severity of the situation became apparent.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 31 December 2019
Belorussian Industry Giant Orders New-Generation Power Transformers from Corum Group 08 November 2019 The Corum Group has entered into a new contract with Belaruskali, one of the world's largest manufacturers of potassium mineral fertilizer. The company has ordered 16 innovative KTPV-type power transformer substations from Ukrainian mechanical engineers.
European demand for Ukrainian equipment. Corum Group receives a new order from Poland 18 July 2019 Poland purchases Ukrainian components. Corum Group machine-building company (DTEK) won a bid from Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. (PGG), Europe's largest mining company. This is already the third order from PGG for the year. Cast components for powered supports will be manufactured by Corum Svet Shakhtera (Kharkiv) and Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant. Shipment will take place early next year.
Ukrainian equipment for Poland: Corum Group strengthens its positions in Europe 20 May 2019 Corum Group Engineering Company (DTEK) signed a new contract worth UAH 392 million. The company will manufacture and deliver 135 ZRP 15/35 support units to Poland. The equipment will be manufactured to fulfill an order by Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. (PGG) and installed at the Piast-Ziemowit mine.
Corum machine builders have developed a unique equipment for Ukrainian miners 08 May 2019 The new cutting frontal complex KNF allows not only faster preparation of face for coal mining, but also makes the work of sinkers safer. Only two such machines are operated in Ukraine for now. The third KNF complex of machine builders "Corum Light of a Miner" will be transferred to Mine Administration "Pavlogradskoe."
In Poland, a new face starts working with Corum Group equipment 07 May 2019 140 support units ZRP15/35 produced in Ukraine will ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of mechanized mining complex at the Polish mine.
Corum Group has Built Enhanced Transformer Substations for Export 03 May 2019 Kharkiv machine-building plant Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria has manufactured 8 new modernized transformer substations for the Estonian concern VKG KAEVANDUSED OÜ. Ukrainian machinery is to start operating in the European mine as soon as this year in May.
Mechanic Engineers of Corum DrMP Joined the “Clean City” Campaign 02 May 2019 108 plant workers joined the DTEK campaign “Clean City” and cleaned up the green area near the Havrylivka entrance checkpoints of the plant. Now, this spot in Druzhkivka is absolutely immaculate.
The mechanic engineers of Corum Svet Shaktera plant participated in “general cleaning” of Kharkiv 23 April 2019 On April 20th, the mechanic engineers of Corum Svet Shaktera plant supported all city Community Clean-Up Day in Kharkiv within the frame of All Ukrainian campaign “For clean environment”.
Corum mining machines surface rise to the surface 02 April 2019 Corum DrM-BP manufactured units not for underground, but for above-ground works for the first time. These are three belt conveyors for transporting iron ore concentrate in the open air and indoors.
Corum Svet Shakhtera Mechanical Engineers to Present New Equipment 01 March 2019 Corum Group introduces RH160—a tunneling machine of a new technical level meant for crushing especially strong rocks and equipped with an anchoring system. Major Ukrainian and foreign mining companies are already interested in this innovation. Presentation of the new equipment took place on February 28, at Corum Svet Shakhtera plant in Kharkov. Mechanical engineers also presented two upgraded shearers—CLS450 and КА200.
Business comes first: Druzhkovka workers completed a number of large orders for DTEK 17 January 2019 “Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant” shipped a large lot of suspended equipment and new KPD roadheader to two DTEK mines. Now other 4 KPD roadheaders are on production, and one of them is for a new customer.