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Three stages of quality control. How does Corum Group ensure production quality.

Every unit of Corum Group machinery is subjected to thorough quality control prior to delivery to the client. A strict three-staged system of control is implemented on the company manufacturing sites. Detection and removal of inconsistencies at the earliest stages of production process allows us, as the manufacturer, to optimize production time and financial expenses and, as a result, to provide our clients with a better offer in terms of price-quality ratio. //further on we provide a detailed explanation of the way our company controls quality and reliability of produced equipment.

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I stage. Incoming quality control

* All materials and parts delivered to Corum plants are subjected to strict control. This removes the possibility of using low-quality materials in our products.

* Regular audit of suppliers ensures stable quality of purchased materials. Corum cooperates with hundreds of suppliers all over the world, leaders in their segments.

* The supplied product is checked by the inspectors and laboratories by several parameters: mechanical qualities, chemical composition, geo-metrical parameters. We use modern measuring equipment for that. This allows us to ensure high quality of materials for production.

* Removal of low-quality materials on this stage is a mandatory requirement of compliance with contractual terms of production and high reliability of our equipment.

* Products that was rejected at the quality control stage are returned to the supplier. If that happens gain, the supplier gets blacklisted. Cooperation with such a supplier is terminated.

II stage. Quality control during production process

* This stage ensures almost 100% elimination of the “human factor” from production process by repeated control of all product parameters. Using measuring tools and testing equipment we reject low-quality parts during production and remove the possibility of their usage in the final product.

* Every shop of the plant is involved in the production chain. The part is checked for compliance with technical requirements by the contractor, his supervisor and the inspector. The product passes to the next production stage after receiving three confirmations.

* To improve product quality and workplace culture Corum company regularly provides.

* learning courses for employees. Qualified experts allow the company to master new product lines, develop client service package and remain the industry leader for more than 130 years.

* Products rejected at the quality control stage are transferred for removal of inconsistencies or are disposed of.

III stage. Quality control of the final product

* Quality control of the final product of Corum Group implies stand testing. That’s where the equipment is subjected to increased stress and its durability is tested. Successful testing of the equipment confirms calculations of the designers, which guarantees its reliability. Only the equipment that passed all the tests is shipped to the client.

* About 10 exercisers provide various types of stress. This allows us to check equipment performance in the closest possible approximation of working conditions. During stand testing about 50 parameters are checked.

* Products that was rejected at the quality control stage are returned for correction. But these are exceptional cases. To avoid such inconsistency in the future the facility performs mandatory troubleshooting.

Anastasiia Gulina Head of Quality Management Department of Corum Group

Presented system of quality control allows us to produce reliable equipment. This is confirmed by long service life of our machinery. Apart from that we need to be sure that our products provide safe working conditions for the miners. The fact that our clients value high quality and reliability of our equipment is enforced by growth of Corum Group client satisfaction index - NPS (see page 34 for detailed information).

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