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Sheaves hoisting SH4, SH4А

Sheave diameter, m
Sheave weight, kg, not more than

Sheaves are intended to support and to guide steel ropes of single-rope cage and skip winders.

Sheaves may be produced as the single welded structure with one-piece rim, or as detachable two-parts welded structure with rivet rim. To work with heavy-load winders there produced reinforced N336-1 and N336-2 sheaves with 5 and 6 m winding part diameter.

KShF sheaves rim may be lined up with heat-resistant Becoplast lining.

Sheaves are manufactured both with serial and individual design. According to Customer’s needs, sheaves may be produced with every dimension requirements and under-sheave area location dimensions:

  • 11 variants of Sh-type hoisting sheaves;
  • 7 variants of KShF-type lined sheaves;
  • sheave design provides an ability to reduce to minimum service time during planned technical support.
Sheave diameter, m 2…6
Biggest total rope load, kgf, not more than 51750…404000
Sheave weight, kg, not more than 1210…13959

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