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Double-drum winders 2Ts-5х2,8

<p>CLS550P is fitted with modern control system that monitors main units load and automatically regulates shearer feeding speed. System controls main operational functions and allows to minimize shearer downtime (providing control automatization, mining recording, connection between shearer and other longwall equipment, transferring data to gateway and/or to the surface).</p>
Drum diameter, m
Hoisting speed, max, m/s
Rope static tension, kN

Double-drum winder is designed for simultaneous operation and independent mining of two or more horizons.

Winders are designed and manufactured in any set and according to customer individual requirements.

Winders are manufactured with both pad-radial and hydraulic disk brake systems.

Winders are manufactured with both normal and explosion-proof versions.

Rope static tension, kN 560/280
Rope static tension difference, kN 400/210
Hoisting speed, max, m/s 14
Gearbox reduction ratio According to project
Hoisting height, m (with maximum loading) 515/660
Drum diameter, m 5
Drum winding part width, m 2,8

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