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Distribution substations KTPV-T-1250/6-6

Nominal rated power, kV·A
6000 або 10000
Nominal rated voltage on higher side (ВН), V
Nominal rated voltage on lower side (НН), V

Designed to connect to them mobile transformer substations installed in underground mines hazardous with gas (methane) and/or coal dust, in 50 Hz frequency alternating current networks in order to electrically separate underground electrical networks from surface power lines and other cases where a galvanic isolation of mains supply is required.

Use of electrical steel with specific losses of not more than 1.20 W/kg allows achieving low constant active energy losses indicators – transformers no-load losses. Actual no-load losses of Corum substations are 7-15% lower than those of other manufacturers analogues.

Substation layout and design features provide easy access to main elements, allow perform maintenance without attracting significant resources and optimize maintenance time.

Use of vacuum or gas-insulated switching devices significantly increases the switching resource and increases product explosion safety.

Use of microprocessor-based protection and control units with an extended protection set significantly increases the functionality and localize emergency cases at the initial stage.

Nominal rated power, kV·A 1250
Nominal rated voltage on higher side (ВН), V 6000 або 10000
Nominal rated voltage on lower side (НН), V 6200
Adjustment range ±5%
Short-circuit voltage, % 5,6
No-load losses, W 3800
Width, m 1,18
Length, m 3,98
Height, m 1,48
Weight, t 7,1

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