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Sinking winches LPEP 16

156,8 (16,0)
First winding layer static tension*, kN, not more than

LPE and LPEP sinking winches are cargo hoisting equipment designed to winch and transport sinking benches, pipelines, cables, decks, pumps and other additional equipment while sinking, deepening, reinforcing and repairing vertical mine shafts.

LPERP winches are designed to winch safety ladders and provide workers evacuation from vertical shafts and mines in case of main winders malfunction or in case of power outages.

LPE winch construction is designed with exposed controlling cabinet in order to minimize winch dimensions and increase car passages.

LPEP winches are single-block constructions with electric and mechanic parts located and commutated on the same frame, which is optimal for quick installation and operation begin.

To increase operation safety, there are installed three brakes with independent activation, which operate from different drives and affect on different units:

  • safety brake – affect on the drum shoulder;
  • shunting brake – affect on the gearbox shaft;
  • locking device – affect on the clear transmission crown spike.

 Serial winches are manufactured for medium, arid and humid tropical climate regions.

It is possible production of both serial and individual design winches, including using third-party documentation.

First winding layer static tension*, kN, not more than 156,8 (16,0)
Last winding layer rope speed, m/s, not more than 0,15
Drum capacity**, mm, not more than 1500
Rope diameter during the maximum final load, mm, nominal 40
Winch weight (without rope)2, kg, not more than 16700
Nominal power, kW 18,5
Rotation frequency, min-1 750
Width, m 6,95
Length, m 3,13
Height, m 2,5

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