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Centrifugal main ventilation fans Vts-31,5М2

Electric drive power, no more than, kW
Nominal air feed, m3/s
Operating wheel diameter, mm
250 – 600
Rotation frequency, rpm

Main fans VTs-31.5М2, VTsD-31.5М2, VTsD-47.5UM, VRTsD-4.5SM are designed for air feed to coal and ore mines. Fans application in other industrial facilities, which provide air supply in these parameters, is possible as well.

Main fans VTsD-47 “NORTH” and VTsD-42.5 are designed for air supply in large-scale hardly-aerating mining enterprises, including the ones located in Arctic climate.

Main advantages:

  • Static efficiency = 0.86.
  • Reliable and trouble-free operation.
  • Spherical roller bearings with splined fixation on the rotor shaft.
  • Operating wheels and guide vanes blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Comparatively low rotor frequency.
Rotation frequency, rpm 250 – 600
Operating wheel diameter, mm 3150
Nominal air feed, m3/s 125
Nominal static pressure, Pa 4950
Maximum static efficiency 0,86
Electric drive power, no more than, kW 1250
Main fan weight (without electrical equipment), t 18,3
Two main fans weight with reverse system (RS), without electrical equipment with RS (falling shaft cover), t 44,4
Two main fans weight with reverse system (RS), without electrical equipment with RS (turning airstream switch), t 105

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