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Axial new generation main ventilation fans VО-25R3

Electric drive power, no more than, kW
Nominal air feed, m3/s
Operating wheel diameter, mm
Rotation frequency, rpm

Main advantages:

  • Working blades are manufactured of high-tensile stamped duralumin.
  • Minimum clearance between the working wheel blades and fan frame provides 88% efficiency.
  • Anti-stall device provides stable operation in every mode of fan working area.
  • Brake prevent spontaneous rotation while electric motor is off.
  • Ejector system decreases bearings temperature and excludes oil spillage from rotor bearing assemblies by creating negative pressure in its spaces.
  • European-made spherical rolling bearings with splined fixation to the shaft.
  • Diffuser with low pressure losing coefficient.
  • Transition from operating fan to reserve one is not more than 8 min.

Ability of manufacturing compact block-modular fan systems, providing 100% air flow reversing.

Rotation frequency, rpm 1000
Operating wheel diameter, mm 2560
Nominal air feed, m3/s 150
Nominal static pressure, Pa 4500
Maximum static efficiency 0,84
Electric drive power, no more than, kW 2000
Main fan weight (without electrical equipment), t 23

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