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Axial main ventilation fans VOD-30М2

Electric drive power, no more than, kW
Nominal air feed, m3/s
Operating wheel diameter, mm
Rotation frequency, rpm

VOD series main fans – axial double-stage reverse fans.


  • Parameter regulation is performed by changing wheel blades installation angles, as well as by changing electric drive rotation frequency.
  • Reverse by changing electric drive rotation direction.
  • Reverse air supply is not less than 70% of the direct flow supply.
  • Fan system density, small building space and low capital expenditures while construction.
  • Forged blades roots instead of casted roots are made of low-alloy 09G2 steel. Impact hardness of forged roots is 5 times higher than casted ones.
  • Special anti-stall equipment installed in front of every blade stages gives an opportunity to increase operating area of stable fan exploitation, to improve aerodynamic parameters and to decrease dynamic pressure on the fan blades.
Rotation frequency, rpm 600
Operating wheel diameter, mm 3000
Nominal air feed, m3/s 160
Nominal static pressure, Pa 3000
Maximum static efficiency 0,83
Electric drive power, no more than, kW 1600
Main fan weight (without electrical equipment), t 26,5

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