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Mykola Serhiiovych Koropets

Mykola Serhiiovych Koropets

Half a century of work for Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria: a success story.

After the army, being a graduate of the Kryvyi Rih Mining and Mechanical College, Mykola Serhiiovych Koropets was assigned to the Kharkiv Svitlo Shakhtaria Machine-Building Plant. The young specialist started his career, ambitious and strong in spirit, as an electric welder in the welded structures workshop.

Eight years later, in off-work hours, Mykola Serhiiovych graduated from the evening department of the Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (UCPI), specializing in Equipment and Technology of Welding Production, later at the plant he became a senior foreman of the welded structure workshop. In 1982, he moved to the position of deputy head of the production department, and 4 years later he became the head of the production dispatch department of the plant.

Every day, for 20 years, our hero determined the enterprise’s need for various types of equipment, made production plans, kept records and controlled their implementation. In 2008, he was appointed Deputy Director for Production, then Head of Production. Later, he became the head of the production management department.

- The Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria Plant is my life. I chose it forever. I consider myself a happy person because I do what I love. I can not imagine my life without a plant. I could not work for 2-3 days and felt the lack of oxygen. Here I met my future wife, with whom I have been happily living for many years. Next year we will celebrate the golden wedding together, - says Mykola Serhiiovych.

Perseverance, awareness of duty and responsibility for the assigned task are some of the most important criteria for our hero. If something does not work out, Mykola Serhiiovych boldly looks into the eyes of problems and solves them, if he made mistakes, he draws conclusions and determines what needs to be corrected.

For 50 years of work, he was awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree "Miner’s Glory" badges, gratitude on behalf of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, as well as a letter of gratitude from the General Director.

Mykola Serhiiovych is not only a reliable and loving husband, but also a respectable father of two already grown children, a kind grandfather and great-grandfather. In his free time he is fond of fishing, construction, reading books - his favourite one is "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas.

- I like fishing very much, - Mykola Serhiiovych shares with us, smiling. - It’s a great time to relax. But even during a fishing, when there is no bite, I think about work. I always try to keep up with everything. And despite my workload, returning home after a hard day, I do a lot for my family, around the house. I love to create comfort.

In conclusion, Mykola Serhiiovych addressed to all employees and wished to remain faithful to their beloved work and plant: 

- Often, in search of a new job, new prospects, a person does not notice everything that is already available at the plant. We have all the conditions so that everyone can express themselves, develop and grow professionally. Any person, if desired, is able to transform the workplace and has the opportunity to create the benefits for himself, his family and the entire team.