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Roadheader KPD

Cutting drive power, kW
Weight, t

The roadheader is designed for mechanical destruction and loading of the rock mass for the horizontal and inclined up to ±12° tunnels with a raw cross section from 11 to 30 m2 for faces where coal and rock are mixed, with a breaking strength of rocks up to 100 MPa (ƒ=7).

The roadheader can be equipped with longitudinal-axial 900 mm cutting crown or transverse-axial 850 mm cutting crown.

The roadheader has both remote (wired or radio) and manual control from the stationary desk.

High 132 kW total installed power of cutting drive and relatively low roadheader weight allow gaining maximum efficiency in destructing rock mass.

Increased rigidity of cutting boom suspension system (closed boom lifting frame with the drive hydraulic clamps) allows reducing the load on the drive and metal constructions to increase their lifetime.

Minimum tunnel height – 2.7 m.

Tunnelling record set – up to 707 m per month.

Chain movement speed, m/s 1,1
Ultimate strength of mined rock, MPa 100
Maximum tunnel cross-section from one position (raw), m2 30
Minimum tunnel height, m 2,7
Cutting drive power, kW 132
Boom telescoping, m 0,5 / 0,65
Roadheader speed, m/min 7,0
Crawler width, m 0,56
Average ground pressure, MPa 0,15
Type and number of hydraulic system pumps Three-section gear
Irrigation system Internal (under the cut), external (water arc)
Control system Manual/Remote
Boom swing height (with extended telescope), m 4,8 / 4,4
Boom swing width (with extended telescope), m 6,6
Height by cutting crown, m 1,84
Height by frame, m 1,65
Width by crawlers, m 2,65
Feeder width (with loading stars), m 3,2
Length with conveyor, m 12,5
Technical efficiency, m3/min: σcompr = 100 MPa 0,35
Technical efficiency, m3/min: σcompr = 30 MPa 2,0
Weight, t 42

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