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Substation KTPV-EP 1600

Nominal rated power, kV·A
6000 or 10 000
Nominal rated voltage on higher side (ВН), V
3300 or 1200 or 1200/660
Nominal rated voltage on lower side (НН), V

Designed for three-phase power supply to electrical receivers, installed in underground mines hazardous with gas (methane) and/or dust, as well as to provide protection against current leakage and overcurrent on low voltage lines, provide power supply up to ten current receivers with three-phase 50 Hz frequency alternating current with rated current up to 630A, as well as to control, protect against currents leakage and overcurrent protection of these current receivers in underground mines, hazardous with gas (methane) and/or dust.

Power trains are designed basing on modern leading manufacturers components.

Modular structaure, which includes many modifications, allows to implement any Customer's functional requirements.

Use of power train allows significantly reduce face distribution point length, simplify face power supply scheme and reduce labor intensity during electrical equipment operation.

Non-discrete automatic test control (during powered equipment operation) and periodic (in maintenance, repair and adjustment mode) with safety measures provision (without face equipment turning on, etc.). System units functioning monitoring before switching on.

Control system has several program access levels: high (safety parameters), medium (equipment technical parameters), low (statistical data and data necessary for accidents investigation).

Nominal rated power, kV·A 1600
Nominal rated voltage on higher side (ВН), V 6000 or 10 000
Nominal rated voltage on lower side (НН), V 3300 or 1200 or 1200/660
Adjustment range ±5% or ±10%
Short-circuit voltage, % 5,5
No-load losses, W 4200
Width, m 1,25
Length, m 7
Height, m 1,57
Weight, t 11,4

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