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The main field of our activity is the mining industry projects. We are focused on maximum satisfaction of the needs of our clients in the area of underground mining, comprehensive support servicing, mine construction and shaft sinking, "turn-key" mining.


25 May 2021 CORUM GROUP purchased 700 tons of INTERPIPE pipes for the construction of the southern ventilation shaft # 2 at ZIOP

The Ukrainian industrial company INTERPIPE has completed the delivery of 700 tons of casing pipes for the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine Corum Group for the construction of the Southern ventilation shaft No. 2 at the Zaporozhye Iron Ore Plant.   

20 May 2021 DTEK officially launches Ukraine’s first industrial energy storage systemDTEK has officially launched Ukraine’s first industrial lithium-ion, installed at the Zaporizhzhya Power Plant in the city of Energodar, with a capacity of 1 MW/2.25 MWh energy storage system (ESS). The battery will store and dispatch electricity to the grid, as well as maintain the functioning of Ukraine’s power system. With this pilot project, DTEK intends to establish a key role for the use of energy storage systems in various segments of the country's energy market. READ MORE

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