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Tetiana Tkachova

Tetiana Tkachova

The roar of huge guillotines, the hiss of "Comets", the rattle of metal in multi-ton presses, the harsh male collective of the procurement section ... It’s hard to imagine, but a fragile smiling woman, Tetiana Tkachova, the foreman of the blank section of workshop No. 5 of "Corum DrM-BP", controls everything here.

Tetiana was an excellent student and dreamed of becoming a doctor or teacher. But everything turned out quite differently. She graduated from the Druzhkivskyi Mechanical Engineering School, then a specialized university and continued the family dynasty of mechanical engineers.

Tetiana came to the plant in 1995, after graduating from a technical school. She worked in the mechanician department. In 2004, a procurement site was organized in the metalwork shop, and Tetiana was offered to become a foreman.

- I understood that it wouldn’t be easy, the work of a foreman is always between a hammer and a hard place - you need to maintain the trust of the workers and the manageability of the team, at the same time fulfil the production task and maintain the trust of the management,says Tetiana Tkachova. - This "skill" is not taught anywhere.

Mastery is knowledge combined with skills and experience. Seventeen years of experience as a foreman brought Tetiana a huge professional experience and respect from her colleagues. The management appreciates, the team trusts, and the young foremen consider her as their mentor.

- I think that the main thing in my work is honest and open communication with people, - Tetiana shares. - For me, my team is a kind of family, where everyone needs an individual approach: to listen to one, to cheer up the other, and just to help the third.

The main thing is people! With such an attitude, it is not surprising that the work on the blank section is in full swing and the team is friendly.

By the way, Tetiana’s husband also works in this workshop. He is calm about the fact that the wife is in charge of the men’s team, and always supports the spouse.

- At home, we are also talking about the factory, - our heroine admits with a smile.

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, Tetiana answered without hesitation: “Of course, at the plant! I am a permanent person, I don’t want anything else. The plant is already my life”.