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Machine builders produced a new RH110 roadheader for miners

Machine builders produced a new RH110 roadheader for miners

Despite the constant challenges, our machine builders demonstrated their readiness for unceasing work and produced RH110 roadheader for Samarska mine. This roadheader will increase productivity and ensure mining operations safety.

Corum's equipment has long been used at DTEK Energy's coal enterprises, so miners and machine builders regularly exchange feedback to improve the equipment.

Features of the new RH110:

  • Programmable logic controller: the heart of RH110 control system is a programmable logic controller, specially designed for efficient operation in mine environment extreme conditions.
  • Hydraulic diagnostics system: the new system allows you to quickly measure the pressure in hoses and monitor filters condition, ensuring equipment reliability and durability.
  • Motor temperature monitoring: thanks to the built-in temperature monitoring function, it is possible not only to monitor electric motors condition, but also to archive data and transfer the information to the surface for analysis.
  • Updated data visualization interface: The roadheader monitor interface has been redesigned for ease of use, providing operators with access to critical information in real time.
Thanks to these highly efficient and reliable characteristics, the RH110 opens up significant prospects for coal production volumes increasing and mine operations optimizing. New equipment at the mine will also improve miners safety, which is a key priority for the company.