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DTEK Energo machine builders launched a new production in Dnipro

DTEK Energo machine builders launched a new production in Dnipro

Plant relocation did not affected enterprise development. And Corum Druzhkivskyi machine-building plant started production of high-pressure hoses with ending fittings.

High-pressure hose (HPH) is a sealed flexible hose designed for special hydraulic fluids transportation (oil, water or water-oil emulsion, etc.) under high pressure. HPHs are used in the vast majority of equipment and machinery used in mechanical engineering, construction, and industry.

High-pressure hoses with end fittings are not a new product for Corum Druzhkivskyi machine-building plant, because HPH is widely used at plant during manufacture of coal industry equipment, and plant fully met its needs. However, HPH production site needed modernization. The investment project was implemented already after the relocation to the Dnipro site. To organize production, 5 machines and a test stand were purchased, and some equipment was transported from Druzhkivka.

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Currently, Corum Druzhkivskyi machine-building plant can produce the entire line of HPHs, which are used in coal industry equipment. Each high-pressure hose is tested for tightness at maximum load. The temperature range of working fluid used with HPH is from -40 to +100°С. "Corum DrMZ" products are distinguished by their reliability, high quality and strength, as they must guarantee absolute safety during operation.

Thanks to investments in new equipment, the productivity and quality of hose production has increased, comparing to the old equipment, developed in the 1980s. New machines for crimping HPH, equipped with an electronic micrometer, which allows you to set the diameter of the crimp with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. This increases connection quality and provides additional product reliability. Crimping machines are also equipped with a quick-change tool, which saves time when setting up. The test bench is also equipped with an electronic pressure sensor and timer, which allows you to perform the HPH test in automatic mode, after setting the test pressure and test time. All new equipment is compact and portable, with built-in oil stations, which made it possible to avoid expenditures for communications layouts.

"Previously, up to 8,000 HPHs were produced at site per month, now the production capacity has grown significantly and is about 13,000 hoses per month. This is quite enough to complete plant production and meet mines needs of HPHs," said Vadym Sayenko, chief engineer of Corum Druzhkivskyi machine-building plant.

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