New cutter-loader КА200 produced by Corum rushes to large coal mines

15 May 2018

New cutter-loader КА200 produced by Corum rushes to large coal mines

Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant produced a cutter-loader KA200 for Geroyev Kosmosa mine (DTEK Pavlogradugol). The cutter-loader has been developed in response to the wishes expressed by miners and will be operated soon in the longwall No. 1174.

By no doubt, the cutter-loader is the best friend of miners: in the last three years alone, Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant has produced 20 such cutter-loaders. The main operation places of KA200 are DTEK Pavlogradugol mines: Blagodatnaya, Samarskaya, and Yubileinaya. Henceforth, one more Corum machine will explore coal horizons of Geroyev Kosmosa mine. The equipment has already been shipped to the customer.

“The cutter-loader KA200 occupies a special place in the underground equipment range. The level of its demand remains the same for many years,” comments on Aleksandr Dyatlov, Chief Production Officer of Corum Group. “During this time, it underwent significant transformations, which made the machine much more effective. Continuously working towards the improvement of KA200 allows it to be on-stream together with high-performance innovations of the latest generation.”

The cutter-loader KA200 is designed for mechanized coal extraction in the working faces of the flat and inclined seams with a thickness of 0.8-1.25 m with high cuttability. The cutter-loader is equipped with drum type actuator, which provides for low energy consumption during the cutting. The KA200 design makes it possible to produce coal with minimal coal-cutting with roof layer and soil, provides stable operation on free-caving roofs.

Kharkov mechanical engineers produced an upgraded version of the cutter-loader for Geroyev Kosmosa mine. Among the principal improvements there are sweeping devices КА80, which have been installed to eliminate loss of coal at the back of the actuator and multi-channel nozzles Lechler, which provide better irrigation in the cutting zone with less water consumption.

The modernization of KA200 continues and is now entering a fundamentally new stage. The product of Corum engineers work will be completely new model with improved characteristics and new name. The product innovation is expected to release next year.

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