Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant developed a new support for Pokrovske Mine Management

30 March 2018


The pilot units of the new support DT 08/18 produced by Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant for Pokrovske Mine Management have successfully passed factory acceptance tests and are put into operation. The first lot will be ready in April, and it is planned to ship 200 support units by the end of May.

The support DT 08/18 is a product innovation, which is a continuation of the model line DT. For the first time it has been produced in this version for Pokrovske Mine Management with due regard to the specific requirements of the miners. Three pilot units have been tested at the factory stand in the presence of the receiving party representatives and have been commended by Pokrovske Mine Management engineers, after which the ‘green light’ has been given for the support production.

“The powered support is one of the key products of our plant which we are constantly improving and developing," comments on Tetiana Kalugina, Director of Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant. “We have both serial equipment and specifically tailored supports. The fact that Pokrovske Mine Management entrusted us with the production of large lot of new design supports demonstrates the excellent quality of our equipment in which the specialists of the plant literally invest their knowledge, experience, and soul.”

The design of the support DT 08/18 involves a series of unique technical solutions of Corum protected by patents: lifting mechanism of catamaran-type base, fastening of the hydrolic stand in the base, and etc. The new floor structure for supports DT has also been designed – a rigid structure with interchangeable face overhang – to provide the possibility of dealing with different types of shearers. The unit is controlled by the multi-arm system produced by OHE (Germany).

The new support uses the power hydraulics produced by Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant with modern polyurethane seals manufactured by Hennlich (Hallite). All external and internal working surfaces of the power hydraulics are protected against corrosion by the chrome coating that provides high reliability and service life.

It should be mentioned that the tender for supply of 200 support units for Pokrovske Mine Management was won at the end of last year. The main advantages in favour of Corum Group were the best product offer, warranty and service period meeting the customer requirements. The term for order fulfillment under the contract is May 2018.

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