Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant will produce 6 tunneling machines for DTEK

03 May 2018

Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant will produce 6 tunneling machines for DTEK

Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant signed up new order to produce three tunneling machines KPD for DTEK Pavlogradugol. Two machines are designed for Ternovskoye Mine Administration; one more machine will be dispatched to Pershotravneskoye Mine Administration. The scheduled period for equipment shipment is September – November 2018.

This is the second large order to produce machine KPD received by Druzhkovka Plant from DTEK Pavlogradugol. In total, six tunneling machines are being produced and will be dispatched during the year. One more machine KPD has been delivered to the customer and is currently operated at Ternovskaya Mine (Pavlogradskoye Mine Administration).

“We have been systematically advancing towards autonomous production of tunneling machines KPD by gradually mastering additional groups of components,” comments on Tatyana Kalugina, Director of Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant. “Nowadays when the demand for tunneling machines is particularly high, Druzhkovka Plant specialists could quickly engage in work and produce the first machine KPD in their practice in the short term.”

In-house production and assembly of tunneling machines KPD is a further step in the plant development and moving towards higher technological sophistication. Moreover, Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant expanded its product range with new large position, such as main fan. The plant also produces powered supports, mine transport, lifting and overhead equipment, which are widely used both in Ukraine and foreign markets.

However, it is worth noting that the machines KPD were previously included in the mix of Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant. Owing to the over-utilization of Kharkov plant production facilities, it has been decided to launch production of tunneling machines in Druzhkovka.

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