Clients recommend Corum Group as a reliable business partner. NPS level - 53%

12 February 2021

The engineering company has published the results of measurements of Net Promoter Score or NPS* for 2020.

Corum Group NPS has grown 11 points over the past twelve months. This is the first time the Company has achieved such a high value during the entire nine-year client survey period.

“For the last three years, we have kept NPS at 42%,” says Daniel Domashchenko, the Corum Group Marketing Manager. “But this year score has grown up to 53%.”

150 of 251 survey participants highly rated the customer-oriented approach and win-win partnership, the quick response to requests and the high professionalism of Corum Group team.

“Such high points are the result of the well-coordinated work of the Corum Group team: our design engineers, plant workers, sales managers, service personnel,” says Oleg Nesterenko, Director of Corum Trading. – “This proves that the customer-oriented approach in our Company is implemented at all levels.”

For the most objective assessment, the clients evaluated the whole range of services provided by Corum Group: warranty service for products, commercial service, overhauls, as well as the spare parts supplies. 

“After a major overhaul, Corum Group equipment has practically the same performance as new one,” said customers during a survey, commenting the level of service of Corum Group equipment.

In addition to the service, clients scored Corum Group equipment. Customers noted the high quality of products manufactured by plants "Corum Svet Shakhtera" and "Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant".     

“Owing to new technical solutions, Corum Group longwall shearers have reached the European level,” said one of the customers, speaking about the Company’s products.

In addition, clients highly appreciated the Company’s individual approach to the design and manufacture of equipment: “Professional skills of the staff. Each of the units of equipment is worked out in detail, manufactured exactly what the customer needs".

Over the next few weeks, Corum Group manufacturing and sales staff will meet to discuss the results of research in detail and plan actions to further improve products and increase NPS.

- Previously, there were numerous customers comments regarding speed of service staff response and their qualification. This led to the decision to enhance the centralized service department function – the Corum Repair. Over the several years of operation of this function, the average time of arrival of specialists for a client’s call has been reduced to the time that is determined by the very client and the specific situation, and there are no complaints from clients to the level of knowledge of staff in recent surveys, - says Alexander Miroshnichenko, the Director of the Corum Repair service company. - Now we are focusing more on providing the efficient communication with customers and 24/7 support, tailored service solutions for the client business, predictive service, thereby ensuring the maximum efficiency, safety and satisfaction from using the Corum Group equipment – according to our win-win culture.

Corum Group achieved almost 2x growth in NPS in 2017. Since then, our Company’s score has remained at 42% for three years, which is a high indicator for the manufacturing industry. In 2020, we achieved the next leap in NPS. The Company’s goal is to increase NPS to 60% by 2022. To achieve it, Corum Group continues to develop relationships with customers and has remained a reliable business partner for many years.


Dynamics of the main indicator - NPS of the Company - and plans for its growth

In 2020, the Corum Group has been searching and implementing new solutions for the customer relations in a difficult pandemic environment. Modern technologies helped to reduce the distance with business partners: the manufacturer organized on-line shipment tests of equipment. This allowed customers to see the equipment in operation with the help of highly sensitive cameras, study the details and communicate remotely with Corum Group specialists. Customers, especially those who are abroad, highly appreciated this approach. And such small steps towards the client help the Company to develop and maintain a leading position in the engineering industry.

We thank every customer who takes part in the annual NPS survey and spends his time to provide feedback. You help us change and enhance products, give ideas for creating new models and modernizing current ones. And we, in our turn, make every effort so that Corum equipment helps to set new production and profit records!


* What is NPS and how is it measured?

To calculate the customer loyalty NPS score, we ask our customers to answer two questions: "How likely are you to recommend our Company to your colleagues or business partners on a scale from 0 to 10?" and " How likely are you to recommend our equipment to colleagues or business partners on a scale of 0 to 10?". Based on the scores, the customers’ responses are divided into three groups: “Promoters” are those who gave 9-10 points, “Passives” - 7-8 points. Those who gave the grade below 6 points were included in the "Detractors" group. The difference between the share of "Promoters" and the share of "Detractors" is our Company’s Net Promoter Score.


For more information on the principles of calculating NPS, follow the link (the article in the 2019 client digest):



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