Corum mining machines surface rise to the surface

02 April 2019

Corum mining machines surface rise to the surface

Corum DrM-BP manufactured units not for underground, but for above-ground works for the first time. These are three belt conveyors for transporting iron ore concentrate in the open air and indoors.

“And can you make surface conveyors for the transportation of raw materials - like mine ones that move coal?” - people from Poltava Mining and Processing Plant asked.

“We will do it!” - mining machine builders responded.

And they kept their word.

Conveyors for mining and processing plants were significantly improved by Corum.

“Surface conveyors are structurally similar to mine conveyors, but they have fundamental differences,” says Dmitry Kaluzhsky, project manager for the development of Corum DrM-BP. “New technology will have to transport iron ore concentrate, which is 4 times denser and heavier than coal.” Therefore, we installed rollers of increased reliability on surface conveyors.

In order for the tape not to sag, Corum designers installed a loading device that automatically maintains tension. These are not used in the mines - they are too bulky.

In total, Corum machine builders made 5 surface conveyors for the miners of Poltava MPP: 2 of them were shipped in December by the Kharkov Corum Svet Shakhtera and 3 - in March by Druzhkovka machine builders.

Additional innovative design solutions were applied in the newest conveyors at Corum DrM-BP.

“So, K6 is a reversible 108-meter conveyor with 2 end drive drums and 6 loading points for the transported material,” says Dmitry Kaluzhsky. - His “brother” K7 is a non-reversible 75 meters long conveyor with a maximum allowable lifting angle of the belt 180. And K8 - 17-meter irreversible "shorty”.

The Corum Group company has been producing mine belt conveyors for 25 years and during this time has manufactured 510 belt conveyors of various sizes with a belt width of 800, 1000 and 1200 mm. Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant has mastered the production of conveyors since 2014, after Corum lost the Donetskgormash plant, which had previously produced this equipment.


Corum Group is part of DTEK energy holding as a separate engineering business unit of DTEK Energy. Corum Group is the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine.

The Corum Group unites SCM engineering assets, and these are enterprises in Kharkov, Druzhkovka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhtspetsstroy, Corum Source and Corum Repair service companies, as well as foreign trading companies and representative offices. The company's key customers are the 14 largest mining holdings, with assets of 150 mines and quarries. The Corum equipment is used at the mining enterprises in 15 countries of the world.

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