Corum will keep its brand and work on the foreign markets as part of DTEK Energo

07 June 2018

Corum Group will become a separate machine building business unit within the largest energy holding – DTEK Energo. The company will keep its brand and continue to work both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Corum enterprises, which belong to DTEK Energo, will continue their work on the foreign competitive machine building markets, both in Ukraine and abroad. Also, Corum will keep its brand, which is already well known to the customers. In the company structure, Corum enterprises will be managed as a separate business unit within DTEK Energo.

Acting Chief Executive Officer is Mikhail Potapov. He also occupies the position of Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director.

“Our main priority is to cover the needs in the mining equipment of our key customers, and these are the companies in Ukraine, CIS and Europe, as well as coal companies – DTEK Energo and Metinvest Holding,” comments on Mikhail Potapov. "We intend to maintain and strengthen our positions in the target markets, while remaining competitive according to the principal criteria - price-terms-quality."

The company also plans to focus on improving internal efficiency in key areas such as production, R&D, process management, and service.

It should be reminded that Corum Group completed all the key indicators of the business plan in 2017. The company consolidated revenue increased by 44% compared to 2016 and amounted to UAH 1.995 billion. The contracts were signed for UAH 2.872 billion, which is 110% higher than in 2016. At year-end 2017, EBITDA increased more than 3 times and amounted to UAH 352 million. In the sales structure, 41% of all the contracts account for the export orders.

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