Corum Group entered into a contract with Donetsksteel for construction of mine workings

18 April 2018

Corum Group entered into a contract with Donetsksteel for construction of mine workings

The contract for construction of open workings that will allow access to new longwalls has been entered into with Pokrovskoye Mine Administration (Donetsksteel). Corum Shahtspetsstroy, a mine construction company of Corum Group, will be responsible for sinking operations. The facility commissioning is scheduled for 2018-2019.

Under the terms of the contract, Corum Shahtspetsstroy will construct two section workings (airway and belt entry) with a total length of over 2.700 meters for Pokrovskoye Mine Administration. They will provide the mine with necessary infrastructure for coal development continuation at the block No. 10. Specialists will start sinking operations to construct airway (9th southern longwall of block No.10) already this month.

"The need for sinking is associated with the preparation of new mining faces for development of coal deposits," Alexei Zhitnik, Director of Corum Shahtspetsstroy, comments on. "Our company is ready to accomplish this task in a prompt, quality and efficient manner, so that miners can start mining as soon as possible. Corum Shahtspetsstroy has excellent competence in the construction of various vertical and horizontal workings, as evidenced by our recent project for Vinacomin (Vietname) for mine shaft reinforcement."

Pokrovskoye Mine Administration is the largest producer of coal grade K in Ukraine, which is used for coke production. The access to new longwall will allow the company to increase production volumes to stably provide the metallurgical industry with raw materials.

Corum Shahtspetsstroy will carry out sinking operations in one of the complex sections of the mine: with crossing of outburst-prone sand rocks and performance of operations in coal beds sensitive to gas dynamic phenomena.

It should be reminded that in December 2017 Corum Shahtspetsstroy completed the reinforcement of the main and auxiliary shafts of Nui-Beo Mine of Vinacomin Corporation (Vietnam). This is the largest project of the company for construction of vertical shafts implemented from scratch. The complexity of this project allows Corum Shahtspetsstroy to be on par with the companies with many years of experience in the mine industry.

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