Corum Group will supply the equipment for new longwall of Sadkinskoye Mine Administration

05 June 2018

Corum Group will supply the equipment for new longwall of Sadkinskoye Mine Administration

Corum Group is developing mining complex, which consists of shearer, face conveyer, reloader, and support for Sadkinskoye Mine Administration (South Coal Company). It will allow putting into operation new longwall No. 45. Miners plan to extract about 1.5 million tonnes of high power generating coal (anthracite) per year from it. The complex supply is expected in august-september this year.

The longwall complex for Sadkinskoye Mine Administration includes shearer KDK500, armored face conveyor SPTs230-21.2 (305 m in length), beam conveyor SPTs230-63, and also 203 support units 3KD90Т. When designing equipment, all the client wishes have been taken into account, based on the experience of operation in severe mining and geological conditions of Donbass mines.

“We had a tough fight with very strong competitors from Poland and the Czech Republic, and won the tender for supply of longwall set of equipment for Sadkinskoye Mine Administration,” comments on Aleksandr Dyatlov, Chief Product Officer at Corum Group. – “Our reputation of the producer with strong track record in manufacture of the mining equipment for Donbass mines played a crucial role. We introduced a number of design solutions in the face equipment for Sadkinskoye Mine Administration, which will ensure high performance and reliability of the equipment.”

When designing shearer KDK500, Corum engineers improved its specific energy per unit weight and introduced system for diagnosing and monitoring the condition of the main assemblies, which are displayed. The shearer will be able to operate in a wide range of seam thicknesses (1.4-3.2 m). The KDK500 is one of the most demanded models of the shearers in Corum product line. Earlier, the shearer was produced at Corum Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant, and now at Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant. The KDK500 will be delivered to Sadkinskoye Mine Administration under serial number 15.

The powered support 3KD90T included in the longwall complex is of special version, with increased carrying capacity. Since the mine has a hazardous immediate roof and heavy main roof with numerous defects, Corum mechanic engineer developed the floor construction with cushion console operating from hydraulic prop. Such support had already supplied to this mine administration earlier and miners highly appreciated it. However, for new units, it was necessary to increase the working resistance by 25% and increase the support extension from 2.0 to 2.4 m. The showcase of the 3KD90Т support unit is now presented at one of the largest mining exhibitions ‘Coal of Russia and Mining 2018’.

There is rising demand for mining equipment produced by Corum on the foreign markets. This contributes to the increase in the export supplies share every year. On results of 2017, 41% of all the concluded contracts were the orders of external customers. The key operating countries of Corum Group are Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Vietnam, Estonia.

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