Corum Group will deliver the powered support units to Poland

21 June 2018

Corum Group will deliver the powered support units to Poland

Corum concluded the contract for supply of 140 support units for one of the leading coal mining companies in Poland — POLSKA GRUPA GÓRNICZA (PGG). It is a win that will provide new opportunities for integration into the Polish market, which is within the zone of Corum interests.

For PGG, the ZRP 15/35 support of new design will be produced. It is designed to operate in the formations with a thickness of 1.8-3.5 m under heavy roofing of the Polish mines thanks to high working resistance - over 6000 kN. The customer will use the support at Sośnica mine.

This is the first important contract of Corum for supply of underground equipment to the Polish market. The local mines use the same support produced in Poland, however, PGG decided to entrust Corum with production of this sophisticated mining equipment. The first support units will be ready in late August, and the supply of the entire complex will be completed until the end of 2018.

“This market is one of the most attractive for us in the light of the coal industry transformation in Poland,” comments on Mikhail Potapov, CEO at Corum Group. “For several years our tunnelling machines have been successfully operating at Polish coal producing companies, and the order for supply of powered supports is the successful continuation of our development on this market. It is a mark of strong confidence in work of our company. In the tender for supply of 140 powered support units for Sośnica mines, PGG competed with three top Polish machine-building companies and won, thus offering the best value for money.“

According to Mikhail Potapov, PGG is actively involved in the restructurisation of the Polish coal sector accompanied by the integration of the producing companies in order to enhance their effectiveness. And this offers new prospects for Corum to strengthen the existing collaboration and expand its presence on the Polish market. Thus far, Corum has been represented in Poland as a producer of tunnelling machines KPD, which are rented by the local mines, including PGG.

POLSKA GRUPA GÓRNICZA, PGG is the largest mining company in Europe and the biggest coal producer in the EU. PGG annually produces 32 million tons of raw materials, which is mainly intended to meet the needs of the power generating sector and the retail consumer. The mining regions of POLSKA GRUPA GÓRNICZA mines are located in 42 communes of Silesia Province and 3 communes of Lesser Poland Province. The area of ​​mining activities covers 603 sq. km, and the mining areas occupy 665 sq. km. The industrial resources are 2 910.8 million tonnes. The company employs 43 000 people.

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