Corum Group to supply new electric power substations to VKG, Estonian company

11 December 2018

Corum Group to supply new electric power substations to VKG, Estonian company

In November, Corum Group was awarded a contract to supply 8 KTPV substations to Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), an Estonian concern.

Substations KTPV-400/6-0.69 UKhL5 will be shipped to Ojamaa shale mine of Viru Keemia Grupp.

This model of substations will be customized to meet the requirements and expectations of our client, – says Sergey Podolyan, Electrical Equipment Manager of Corum Group Product Line Development Department. – The substations will be equipped with DMG-200 electricity meter, Susol automatic switch, AZUR-4PP current leakage to ground protection units. The substations will be well equipped to connect units with frequency converters. The client will be able to control all connected equipment via the existing automated process control system.

To ensure safe operations under the conditions of water intrusion specific for Ojamaa mine, all KTPV substations will be mounted on elevated slide bars.

We are pleased to say that year after year our cooperation with leading European companies is becoming ever more extensive, because we do offer the reliable equipment our clients really need, – says Aleksandr Dyatlov, Corum Group chief Product and Technical Development Officer. –  For one thing, our electrical equipment is perfectly capable of withstanding operational overloads and can serve up to 30 years hardly requiring any overhauls. Our strategic objective for the next two years is to occupy maximum possible share of Estonian substation market to manufacture up to 15-20 units per year.

KTPV-400 substations are scheduled to be shipped in February-March of 2019. This is going to make the fifth lot of substations shipped since 2014. Over this period, Corum Group has already supplied to the mine 16 KTPV type substations of different designs.

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