Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant produced a double acting drilling and loading machine

07 May 2018

Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant produced a double acting drilling and loading machine

Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant produced the second in succession drilling and loading machine BPR for Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya mine of Donugol Coal Company. It can be alternately used for face drilling and rock loading thanks to its unique design developed by Corum engineers. The machine will be transferred to the customer in the first half of May.

The new machine BPR will join its predecessor, which has been successfully developing the coal seams in Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya mine since May 2017. During this time, the machine has gained the confidence of miners thanks to its high performance, maneuverability, as well as reliability of the drilling rig that make it possible to achieve the planned indicators of trenching and ensure safe working conditions in the face.

“When choosing sinking equipment, the key indicators for customers are the total cost of its ownership and the time required to carry out operations,” comments on Aleksandr Dyatlov, Chief Production Officer of Corum Group. – “This is particularly true for mines with high rock-hardness ratio, where the development workings are carried out mainly by drilling and blasting with the use of loading machines. We have produced the drilling and loading machine, which is able to deliver two basic functions at once: drilling and loading.”

The drilling and loading machine BPR is designed for loading run-of-mine ore broken by drilling and blasting operations into mine cars, conveyors or other mine vehicles when carrying out horizontal and inclined mine workings in the mines having gas and dust hazards. It is a self-propelled crawler truck with the drilling module, loading device in the form of a pair of pallet handles and scraper conveyor. Typically, the machine BPR is used instead of tunnelling machine for hard rocks. The technical loading capacity is 3 m3 per minute, and the drilling speed is 48 meters/hour.

When producing the machine BPR, a number of engineering construction solutions were introduced, the advantages of which have already been appreciated by miners. So, the gear box of the loading device with 30 kW drive and one bevel gear provides for high performance and allows to have high forces on the pallet handles. For individual drilling and loading control, two independent high-pressure pump stations have been installed to reduce the power consumption and increase the pump life owing to their more efficient use. Reinforcement of the scraper conveyor with wear-resistant steel strips increases its service life by 2-3 times.

Another important fact is that the machine BPR produced by Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant can operate in the mines with flooding thanks to the hydraulic drive of the crawler truck, while in the similar machines of other producers the drive is electric and located at the bottom, which significantly limits freedom of their movement.

Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant also took care of the equipment operation convenience: operator’s workstation is installed on the machine and equipped with electric and hydraulic control panels, and this guarantees the operator safety when removing the run-of-mine ore.

We recall that Corum Svet Shakhtyora Plant started producing the machines BPR in 2016. In addition to Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya mine, one more machine BPR in loading version (without drilling module) was shipped to Obukhovskaya mine administration (DTEK) in September 2016.

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