Belorussian Industry Giant Orders New-Generation Power Transformers from Corum Group

08 November 2019

The Corum Group has entered into a new contract with Belaruskali, one of the world's largest manufacturers of potassium mineral fertilizer. The company has ordered 16 innovative KTPV-type power transformer substations from Ukrainian mechanical engineers.

“This technology is more powerful and, at the same time, more power-efficient. We previously produced 6 kV transformer substations. New KTPV-DV-630 can work with voltages as high as 10 kV,” says Mikhail Potapov, interim CEO of the Corum Group. “This equipment will help cut power losses, raise the transmission capacity of power lines and lessen the costs of running the cables in underground mines. This will ensure the stable functioning of equipment powered by these transformer substations.”

The new-generation transformers will be shipped to Belarus in the spring of 2020. They will be installed at Petrikovskiy Ore Mining and Processing Complex.

Belorussian associates have ordered equipment produced by the Corum Group since 2001. During this period, Ukrainian machine engineers have delivered more than 380 KTPV-type power transformer substations to the Republic of Belarus.

Electrical equipment produced by the Corum Group can also be found at mines and excavating plants in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia and Estonia.

The Corum Group is part of the energy company DTEK Energo. The Corum Group is the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine.
The Corum Group unites the machine-building assets of DTEK Energo, namely: companies in Kharkiv, Druzhkivka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhspetsstroi, Corum Source and Corum Repair service companies, as well as foreign trading companies and representative offices. The company's key clients are 14 large mining holding companies, whose assets include 150 mines and open cuts. Corum equipment is used at mining enterprises in 15 countries around the world.

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