3 stages of quality control. How Corum Group takes care of the quality of its products

09 November 2020

On 12 November we will celebrate World Quality Day. On the eve of this holiday, the head of the quality management service of Corum Group Anastasia Gulina told about the company’s «inner workings» and revealed the secret that prompts customers to return to Corum Group with new orders.

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- Anastasia, Corum Group company increases the quality of its products on average by 13% per year. This has been stable over the past 5 years. Please tell me, how does the company get these results?

- One of the main factors of success is our quality control system: all Corum Group products pass three-step quality control before shipment to the client.

The first stage is the incoming control of raw products, materials and components that we will use in production. Our quality control inspectors check each shipment on a list of parameters, some of which we control in our laboratories. The quality control of the materials before launching into production allows, among other things, to save time and money, and thus to offer our client a good price of the product.

- The second...

- The second stage is control in the production process. It also goes through three stages. The first who checks the quality of the part is the performer, i.e. the employee who made it. His task is to ensure that the detail is fully compliant with the design documentation. Only then he hands it over for the control to his immediate supervisor, the master. This is the second stage of quality control. After these two steps, the detail is sent to the inspector of Quality Control of the Corum Group. It is after the part has been checked and confirmed to be in conformity with all the necessary parameters that it is transmitted in the next work shop. It is important to note, that our laboratories are involved in the testing of products during the production process - they carry out controls for which special equipment is needed, for example, analysis of the chemical composition or the strength of the metal.

The third level of quality control is an output control of finished products:

production tests at factory stands. There, the Corum Group equipment is subjected to high loadings and safety checks. Only the equipment that has passed all the tests is shipped to the client.

- This kind of control, surely, requires the use of modern equipment?

- Last year we upgraded the equipment of our laboratory: we acquired a stationary spectrometer for analysis of metal SPECTROMAXx LMX07 (Germany). It’s sort of an X-ray machine for a metal, it allows us to study its internal structure and to determine whether the metal will cope with future loads during exploitation.



We use the coordinate-measuring machine GLOBAL 12.22.10 PERFORMANCE (Italy), which is a ultra-precision measuring equipment that determines the size of the part up to a ten-thousandth fraction of a millimetre, to control the geometric parameters of the products. It means that the piece that was made with such precision will be perfect for the assembly. The net result is that the ideal parameters of each part guarantee the reliability of the equipment as a whole.

Corum Group plans are to acquire another coordinate-measuring machine of new generation to control geometric parameters of the details of a more complex geometric shape.

To summarize, the staff of our quality control service use several hundred types of measuring instruments and instruments for surface quality control, metal structure, dimensions, evaluation of equipment characteristics during tests, etc. in their work. This allows our company to guarantee the high quality of our products to the customer.


- If there is a quality control, then there are the discrepancies it has detected...

- Of course. All the discrepancies we find, we record. For each case, we determine the cause that provoked it. The basis of our quality management system is the elimination not only of the detected anomaly, but also, necessarily, of the cause that provoked it. It’s the only way we’ll be safe from it reappearing.

- Does the current quality management system conform to world practice?

- Our quality management system is certified against the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This shows that we meet the requirements of quality management system at the international level. And from the point of view of our products, this shows that we are able to provide its stable level of quality. Every unit of production that leaves our enterprise meets the requirements for it.

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- Your service should have a large staff. How do you keep track of it all?

- More than 200 people work in our quality management service. But the number of employees, thanks to the work of which the quality of Corum Group equipment increases constantly, is equal to the total number of our enterprises «Corum Druzhkivka Machine Building Plant» and «Corum Svitlo Shakhtarya». Each of the employees understands personal responsibility for the quality of the equipment we manufacture and ship to the client. It’s a part of our corporate culture.

All employees of production enterprises are trained in the basics of quality management when they are hired. During these introduction classes, the quality management staff explain why it is important to look for the cause of the discrepancy rather than simply to correct it. They discuss the personal responsibility of each person for the overall quality level of the company’s products with the new employees.

We construct our quality management system in such a way that every person who touches our products understands that its continued efficiency and reliability and, as a consequence, the well-being of the company depends on his actions.

We also monitor world trends in machine-building industry. We refer to the major manufacturers benchmarks in our industry and beyond. Before the pandemic, we regularly visited the manufacturing facilities of leading European companies, took their experience and shared our own. But the coronavirus has made adjustments to many businesses.


And, of course, we are constantly working to improve the skills of our inspectors. All this is a part of our work on the formation of the corporate culture in the field of quality of our company.

- What do you think is a good result of your quality work?

- All quality management service staff understand that from how we work in quality control, how we deliver the idea of quality responsibility to every employee involved in the production process, eventually, it depends on whether the client comes back to us again and again. And that’s the best result for us.


Anastasia, thank you for the interview.

If you have any questions / suggestions regarding the quality of Corum Group equipment, write to the e-mail address gulina.anastasiya@corum.com

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