«Turnkey longwall»
Integrated solutions mean benefits for miners
In September 2018, Corum Group supplied a powered face complex to the Sadkinskoye Mine Administration to launch a new longwall. It was developed based on several unmatched design solutions, that ensure high equipment performance, and output plan fulfillment.
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Components of the powered face complex

Очистной комбайн КДК500

KDK500 shearer

KDK500 is one of the Corum shearer models, that are the most demanded by miners. In particular, by miners of Sadkinskaya, where such shearer has been successfully used since 2012. When Corum engineers designed new KDK500, they managed to increase its power-to-weight ratio, and introduced a system for diagnostics and monitoring of the main units, information of which is shown on the display. The shearer is capable of operations within a wide range of coal heights – from 1.4 to 3.2 m.

Technical parameters
Скребковые конвейеры СПЦ230-21.2 и СПЦ230-63

SPTs230-21.2 face chain conveyer and SPTs230-63 gate chain feeder

SPTs230-21.2 and SPTs230-63 chain conveyers are meant for operations at highly loaded working faces with average daily output of over 5000 thousand tons of mined rock, and feature increased reserve indices of up to 7 m tons of mined rock overloaded. SPTs230-21.2 face conveyer and SPTs230-63 gate conveyer were designed and manufactured in view of proven structural solutions for similar SPTs230 conveyers operating at Sadkinskaya mine administration since 2011. The face conveyer is equipped with a new pan line on the basis of a cast wall Н=270 mm, that is lower than that in the previous SPTs230 model, which enabled use of the longwall set with KDK500 shearer and 3KD90T roof support with the lowest extracting seam thickness of 1.4 m.

Technical parameters
Механизированная крепь 3КД90Т

3KD90Т powered roof support

3KD90Т powered roof support within the longwall complex is also customised. Its sections feature improved bearing capacity meant for unstable and heavy roof with structural disturbances. An unmatched design solution by Corum – a pressure console with a hydraulic prop – ensures efficient roof supporting at the face, and high pressing force of up to 1400 kN.

Technical parameters
Михаил Потапов, генеральный директор Corum Group Михаил Потапов, генеральный директор Corum Group

"Today, it is not enough to manufacture mining equipment – the clients expect to receive not just machinery, but a solution for their problems. Our duty as an expert is to find and offer the client that very instrument, that will enable them to achieve the necessary result. This was also our rule during development of the powered complex for Sadkinskaya. It is our belief, that the technical solutions offered by us will help the miners to achieve high performance."

Mikhail Potapov, CEO CEO Corum Group

Minor longwall presentation

Presentation of the longwall complex, that took place in August at Corum Svet Shakhtyora plant, was attended by more, than 50 mining company representatives from Ukraine, neighbouring foreign countries, and Europe. Equipment raised high interest both among current Corum clients, and prospective customers.

To present operations of the facility to the guests, a shorter version of it was assembled at the workshop itself in form of a so called minor longwall. Operations of the equipment was presented to the visitors, and it was exactly the same, as in an actual mine. It is not an easy task to present such a large scale facility without going to a face, however, it was brilliantly fulfilled by the manufacturers.

Looking at this equipment, I positively state, that machine building industry in Ukraine is alive. This equipment – is of the highest level, and it can compete with analogs on the global market.

генеральный директор ДТЭК Павлоградуголь Сергей Воронин
Director General of DTEK Pavlogradugol Sergey Voronin

Longwall operations

New longwall No. 45 successfully launched at Sadkinskaya mine, for which Corum manufactured a full set of equipment. In this connection, our team headed by Mikhail Potapov went to the Rostov Region in order to personally inspect operations of the longwall system, with which both our company and the client associate big plans.
thousand tons of coal a day
thousand tons per day (potential)

Officially, the longwall was commissioned in October, and the level of 5 thousand tons of coal a day was achieved, which is fully satisfactory for Sadkinskaya miners. Although its potential is much higher – up to 12 thousand tons, but slow and sure wins the race. For 2 months, our service experts will provide equipment maintenance and monitoring to ensure guarantied uninterrupted operations of the system.

Manufaturing of the Sadkinskaya longwall set is one of the major projects by Corum. Rarely do miners order such large-scale facilities: e.g. it took almost 8 years from Sadkinskaya decision on purchasing till fulfillment of the order. At the same time, a turn-key longwall is a much more beneficial solution as compared to purchasing of independent pieces of equipment.

The entire delegation of Corum went down to the longwall to check it by themselves: everything goes according to the plan. The first month of the longwall set operations proved, that it fulfills respective tasks one hundred per cent.

Customer reviews

Now it is the same feeling, as when a baby is born. Normally pregnancy lasts for 9 months, but in our case it was about last 10 years. This is because the idea was to create a perfect full cycle – when the same manufacturer provides an entire conveyor, self-manufactured roof support, a shearer, and an overloader – this is the full cycle. Alexandr Nikolaevich and I cherished this idea for 10 years.

Yury Zuev, Director, Sadkinskoe Mine Administration LLC

Our goal is to visit the factory and get familiar with the production process, as this year our company signed a contract for supply of a set of sections for our Sushnitsa mine for over USD 10,000,000. The majority of our sections are manufactured in Poland by your company, and some elements are made here, and some in Poland. It was an open bid, and the Ukrainian company won in it. It offered us the best price and guarantied quality.


Our cooperation with Corum Svet Shakhtyora and Corum Druzhkovsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod plants started in 2009. During these long-term relations a long way was made. All our miners and our shareholders, which is important, are very glad with the results of this work. Thus, when it comes to selection of a general supplier for a new set, it was unanimously understood that your company will not let us down. I have no doubts in this regard.

Svetlana Godlina, Director General, Gornaya Tekhnika LLC