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Congratulations on the Machine Builders Day from Mikhail Potapov, CEO of Corum Group

Congratulations on the Machine Builders Day from Mikhail Potapov, CEO of Corum Group

Dear friends, 

My congratulations on our professional holiday!

On this day, we have two memorable occasions - the Machine Builders Day and the 130th anniversary of Corum Svet Shakhtera. This is the best occasion to talk about our people, our work and plans for the future.

I am pleased to see how easily we open up to new experiences and innovations. Not surprisingly, machine builders have always been at the forefront of change for efficient and safe production.

And today Corum is actively transforming, introducing new technologies, investing in development, expanding its product portfolio and offering complex solutions together with Corum Minespecialbuild, as well as entering the markets of Turkey, India, and the USA.

I am glad that I work with you in the same company and together we are moving towards success every day. I am proud of our victories and strength of support! What Corum Group does is extremely important for Ukraine and its energy independence. 

Thank you for your professionalism, work, constant development, ability to withstand difficulties.

For me, the people of Corum Group are an example of strength and fortitude, wise and balanced decisions, a sense of support and mutual assistance! I wish you iron self-control, metallic patience, good health, kindness and happiness. I wish you to implement all plans successfully, not slow down and continue to confidently move forward, creating the best mining equipment. 

And, of course, may there always be mutual understanding and support in your families, and may your life be full of bright events, in which work in our Company will take a special place.

Best regards,

Mikhail Potapov

CEO of Corum Group