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Congratulations on the Machine Builder's Day from Ildar Salieiev, General Director of DTEK Energo

Congratulations on the Machine Builder's Day from Ildar Salieiev, General Director of DTEK Energo

Dear friends, colleagues-machine builders,

I congratulate you on your professional holiday - Machine Builders Day!

Corum Group is an excellent example of the transformation of a Ukrainian company into a European business that is trusted in Ukraine and in the world.

I am pleased to see how Corum easily opens up to new experiences and innovations, is not afraid of changes and achieves success. But all achievements are impossible without people. Plant workers, engineers and managers, their responsibility and dedication, their courage, determination and hard work. I thank each and every one of you. I appreciate your contribution to our common cause.

I am sincerely glad that for the third year in a row, along with the Power Engineers Day and the Miners Day, we are celebrating another great professional holiday - the Machine Builders Day! We are one team working towards a common goal. Machine builders produce reliable and quality equipment that helps miners extract coal for thermal power plants.

As a result of the common work, the inhabitants of Ukraine and industrial enterprises have light and heat. We can lend each other a shoulder and be sure that everything would work in our link. Together we are bringing Ukraine closer to energy and economic independence, to a truly great and bright goal in all understandings.

Dear workers of Corum, I wish you interesting projects, new contracts and maximum utilization of the Corum Svet Shakhtera and Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant factories. On top of all of this - may it always be warm and bright in your homes and your souls. I wish you success, reaching of all goals, new victories and achievements!

Happy Holidays! Happy Machine Builders Day!

Ildar Salieiev, General Director of DTEK Energo