Ukrainian equipment for Poland: Corum Group strengthens its positions in Europe

20 May 2019

Ukrainian equipment for Poland: Corum Group strengthens its positions in Europe

Corum Group Engineering Company (DTEK) signed a new contract worth UAH 392 million. The company will manufacture and deliver 135 ZRP 15/35 support units to Poland. The equipment will be manufactured to fulfill an order by Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. (PGG) and installed at the Piast-Ziemowit mine.

“The purchasing of 140 sections of the ZRP 15/35 shields for our Sośnica mine was a big challenge for Corum Group, - said Piotr Bojarski, vice president of Polska Grupa Gornicza Management Board. - The joint cooperation between our engineers and the Ukrainian machine builders allowed us to start important to our company longwall in the short time. This experience helps to sign new contract with Corum Group for the delivery of 135 shields for our Piast-Ziemowit mine, which is the biggest in our group."

According to the contract terms, Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant will produce 135 ZRP 15/35 support units for the Piast-Ziemowit mine. The first support units will be ready in July. The whole complex will be delivered by November 2019. The support design will be adapted to the mining and geological conditions of this particular mine.

"We're glad that our partnership with Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A, the leading Polish mining company, is continuing successfully," Mikhail Potapov, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Corum Group, commented. "Such large orders are investments in the Ukrainian economy and serve to promote Ukrainian equipment in the European market".

Corum Group competed with Poland's leading engineering companies in PGG's tender to deliver 135 support units for the Piast-Ziemowit mine.

Ukrainian mining equipment is experiencing growing demand in Europe. Over the past year, the Corum Group has already shipped 140 support units as part of its previous contract with Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A (PGG) and 8 modified transformer substations for the Estonian concern VKG Kaevandused OU.

Corum Group fulfills orders according to European manufacturing standards confirmed with international certificates: ISO 9001 on quality management systems and ISO 3834-2:2008 on the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials according to EU requirements.


Corum Group is part of DTEK Energy. Corum Group is the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine.

The Corum Group unites SCM engineering assets, and these are enterprises in Kharkov, Druzhkovka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhtspetsstroy, Corum Source and Corum Repair service companies, as well as foreign trading companies and representative offices. The company's key customers are the 14 largest mining holdings, with assets of 150 mines and quarries. Corum equipment is used at mining enterprises in 15 countries around the world.

Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., PGG is the largest European mining company and the biggest coal producer in the EU. Annually, PGG mines 32 million tons of coal that are primarily consumed by the power-generating industry and retail consumers. PGG mines are located in 42 communities of Silesian Voivodeship (Province) and 3 communities in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The company's mining activity covers 603 sq. km., while its mining regions cover 665 sq. km. Industrial resources amount to 2,910.8 million tons. PGG employs 43,000 workers.

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