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Mission, vision, values - the foundation of the Company’s success

Mission, vision, values - the foundation of the Company’s success

Corum Group, as a successful, sustainable and developing business, has its own mission, distinctive vision and certain values. Put simply, these make up the guidance: what, how and for whom the Company does, what the success looks like and what the Company believes in. In today’s competitive market environment, business is constantly transformed, thus creating new vision, mission and values.

Today, changes are becoming a new norm, therefore, companies need flexibility to transform easily and quickly, respond to the demands of clients and society, and become environmentally friendly, technologically efficient and effective partners. Corum Group reflected these conditions in its Mission:

We work for the progress and prosperity of society. Our goal is the innovative leadership in the international market through the transformation and development of industrial engineering and mining by the transparent business activities.

The successful promotion of products in the Ukrainian and international markets requires the use of state-of-the-art information and production technologies and the provision of solutions enabling the clients to become even more effective. Success factors make up the Vision:

We are a dynamic modern Company, a trusted expert in the design and implementation of complex high-tech solutions. At the heart of our success are people, efficiency, advanced technologies and tailored approaches to each client.

Corum Group developed a new Development Strategy for 2030. The company plans to upgrade the existing production in order to enhance its efficiency and master the fundamentally new products and services not related to the underground coal production. In this way, Corum is preparing to prove the compliance with the new world engineering standards being implemented due to the decarbonization trends and the decline in the coal-fired power generation at TPPs.

In those countries that will increase power generating coal production in the next decade, the Corum Group will continue to develop sales of mining equipment.

Corum Group is an expert in mechanical engineering and mine construction in Ukraine and abroad during the transformation period. Therefore, the important area of development is the extension of scope and types of the services offered to the mine construction industry. The Corum Minespecialbuild plans to increase its sales to miners of iron ore, non-ferrous metals and potassium salt by almost 3.5 times in 2025.

In order to achieve the Company’s strategic objectives, it is necessary to understand the basis of the business around which the team is united. The Company’s culture and beliefs are determined by its Values:

  • Client orientation is a priority for the Company. We build the honest, open and trusty relationships with clients and partners based on the Win-win principle. Our success is based on a case-by-case approach to each client.

  • Professionalism. Our employees have in-depth professional knowledge, are responsible and conscientious about their responsibilities, and perform their tasks in a high-quality and timely manner. We are committed to achieving the best results subject to optimum use of resources.

  • Responsibility. We base our activities on the understanding that all our efforts shall be in the interests of society. We are responsible for the quality of our work and compliance with corporate standards and the fulfilment of our obligations. We are responsible for those who make our Company successful - our employees.

  • Openness. We are openly informing our employees, partners, clients, shareholders and other external stakeholders of the important development issues of our Company, creating a basis for trust.
  • Striving to improve. We are implementing the most promising technologies, improving production and management processes, creating conditions for the development of the Company’s present and future employees. By developing our business, we contribute to the successful development of regions and country as a whole.
  • Team spirit. We are a team that shares common goals acts in the interests of the Company. We are open to cooperation, help our colleagues and support each other. The wealth of experience and knowledge of each creates the overall development potential of the Company.

- Corum Group shares the values of the DTEK managing company, bringing the country closer to the energy independence. For more than 130 years, the Corum Group has transformed its business and produced innovative and safe equipment. To this end, the Company uses both the well-proven engineering solutions and the advanced technologies, - noted Mikhail Potapov, the General Director of Corum Group. - The Corum professional team successfully copes with the challenges and quickly restructures the business processes to remain the leader of domestic engineering and promote its products on the world market.