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Turnkey project for Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant. South ventilation shaft No. 2 will be built and equipped by Corum Group

Turnkey project for Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant. South ventilation shaft No. 2 will be built and equipped by Corum Group

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The Ts-3х1.9 winder will be designed and manufactured by the specialists of Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant for Corum’s regular customer - Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant. The contract for the production of this equipment was signed by the parties within the framework of the mine construction project Corum Minespecialbuild for the construction of the South ventilation shaft No. 2. This equipment will assist mine builders in the construction of a 355-meter vertical shaft.


“A machine with a three-meter drum can safely be called “top-end machine”, says Evgeniy Petrov, infrastructure equipment manager at Corum Group. - The complete set of mechanical and electrical parts of Ts-3х1.9 will be implemented on the basis of advanced design solutions: bearings of a European manufacturer and hydraulic disc brakes will be used as part of the machine. There will also be applied a variable frequency drive to control the electric motor and microprocessor technology in the hoisting installation and signalling control system. Such set will provide a speed of movement of the vessel along the shaft up to 8 m/s with a maximum static load of the rope up to 14 tons.

The project of the Ts-3х1.9 winder is designed individually for the customer. For the period of construction, the machine will serve the bucket hoisting, and after the end of construction, it will be re-equipped to work with a non-tilting cage. This is an unconventional solution.

The machine will be able to work in three stages. The first stage is to work with the bucket, the second is to work with a cage from level of -340 m, and the third is to work with a cage from level of -640 m. The depth for the third stage will be reached later according to the mine development plan. But today the Corum designers are laying the groundwork for the Ts-3х1.9 to work at such a depth in compliance with all safety standards and rules.

The delivery of the Ts-3x1.9 winder will be in an extended set of electrical equipment: it includes everything necessary to ensure the power supply of not only the winder, but also the machinery hall. The installation of the Ts-3х1.9 winder at the Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Our company has great and successful experience in the implementation of turnkey projects for mines, - says Aleksey Zhitnik, Director of Corum Minespecialbuild. - It is especially valuable for us to add such a large-scale and unique project as the construction and equipping of the South ventilation shaft No. 2 to portfolio. Several of our divisions are involved in its implementation. This will allow us to control every stage and achieve the integrity of the project and the maximum for solving the client's problems.

The mine builders of our Corum Minespecialbuild division will build a ventilation shaft and related structures from scratch.  Engineers and machine-builders of Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant will design and produce a Ts-3х1.9 winder for equipping the shaft. And the specialists of the Corum Repair service department will mount and adjust this equipment on the territory of the mine. This allows us to guarantee the quality of work at every stage.  Thus, the client receives a complete turnkey solution at the optimum time.

“Today Corum Group offers its clients complex and high-tech solutions,” commented Mikhail Potapov, CEO of Corum Group. - Construction and equipping of SVS No. 2 is a large-scale and ambitious project that is being implemented within the framework of the approved Development Strategy of the company until 2030 and demonstrates Corum's high expertise in the field of mine construction.

The timely launch of the SVS complex No. 2 will allow the plant to maintain the level of production in the mine at the level of 4,500 thousand tons of iron ore per year. This project will allow the ZIOP to mine reserves of the Pereverzevsky iron ore deposit (reserves estimate - more than 350 million tons). Which will ensure the stable operation of the plant for several decades to come.