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Corum Group introduces digital planning into industrial production

Corum Group introduces digital planning into industrial production

Corum Group started the commercial operation of Opcenter APS automated production planning system. In Ukraine, such a system is used at a machine-building plant with design production for the first time.

The first stage of introduction of the Opcenter APS (formerly Siemens Preactor) system - interdepartmental planning was completed at Corum Svet Shakhtera. Such a system will enable optimal planning of the company's production by workshops, namely, receiving information on the timing of all open orders parts production, analysing contract date deviations, and the ability to make optimal management decisions. Plans for the second stage - a system for intrashop planning, where tasks are calculated for each work centre.

Opcenter APS is an intelligent planning system. It automatically schedules products manufacturing. At the same time, it comprehensively takes into account equipment, personnel, materials and components, contract terms, and priority of orders. Fast data analysis minimizes errors and speeds up processes. The automated production planning system will ensure the efficiency of the production resources usage.

Digital planning will speed up the company’s plans on the forming of a production schedule by 2-5 times, reduce work in progress and reduce the proportion of overdue orders. 

The new system will promptly generate statistics on the production resources and employees load, taking into account planning - for more time efficient, objective, and high-quality management decisions.

With Opcenter APS, Corum Group gains a “holistic view” of production load on open orders and control of order fulfilment by production managers. It also reduces the time to prepare and draw various analytical reports as well as the development of the Industry4.0 element at the company’s enterprises.

The project team has already organized data integration from the 1C accounting system into the Opcenter APS system. This is a large data volume including: product composition, manufacturing technology, work-in-progress status. The plant specialists received complete orders information in a “single window”, which should allow them to work efficiently and achieve the needed results.

- Digital planning will significantly increase the production efficiency of Corum Group and allow the company to maintain its leadership position in the mechanical engineering market, - Dmitry Fedorov, Head of Information Technology Department, Corum Group noted. Opcenter APS helps to plan, analyse and efficiently work with data, timely receive complete information about all stages of production.

Corum Group continues to transform, introduce new practices and modern technologies.