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Corum Group to Make a New Hoisting Machine for the Zaporizhzhia Iron Ore Plant

Corum Group to Make a New Hoisting Machine for the Zaporizhzhia Iron Ore Plant

Corum Group has received a new order to manufacture a hoisting machine for the Zaporizhzhia Iron Ore Plant, which will help increase iron ore production at the Pereverzivska mine. The equipment will be manufactured at the Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant.

The machine builders will create a mine hoisting machine with a 6.3 m diameter split drum. The cage will be moved by the rope winding on the drum. This gigantic mechanical part with a gearbox will require 235 tons of steel. The machine size has been selected to enhance the ore production efficiency at the Pereverzivske deposit.

The hoisting machine can simultaneously serve six levels along the mine trunk. A double cage will lower and raise people, wagons with materials, outsize cargoes or complex machinery assemblies.

One rise from a depth of 940 m will last 215 seconds. Within this time, the machine can move 60 miners or 15 tons of cargo. 

One electric motor is used to lower or lift people at a speed of 6 m/s, while two electric motors moving move the cage along the trunk at a speed of 8 m/s will be used for the heavy loads. For this purpose, the Corum Group adopted a non-standard technical solution for the special equipment deployment.

To ensure safe lifting, the machine will be equipped with a hydraulic disc braking system and electric motors with a variable frequency drive. The latter were made on an individual order. 

The Corum Group will deliver the machine to the customer along with the service package. 

- In addition to the mechanical part, Corum will deliver a complete set of electrical equipment: two 1000 kW electric motors, the new generation control systems, the signalling and communication equipment, a complete set of cable products, as well as the high-voltage cells with transformers. Experts from the Corum Engineering Centre and the Corum Repair service company will ensure the installation, start-up and commissioning. As a reliable partner, Corum Group invests in development, introduces new practices and modern technologies, - commented Valerii Krupitskii, acting Production and Technical Development Director of Corum Group.

The ЦР-6,3 machine for the Pereverzivska mine is an indicator of the trust to the Company’s products and the guaranteed employment of the Company’s production facilities.