Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant commissioned a new German drilling machine for half a million euros

19 February 2018


New deep hole drilling machine Loch produced by LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH (Germany) has been the largest investment made in the company machinery updating recently. It has been purchased to improve the quality of the products, in particular, hydraulics of the support units, one of the key products of Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant. The cost of equipment is more than 500 thousand euros.

Investments in the new state-of-the-art equipment are the crucial part of the strategy aimed at production debottlenecking," Tatyana Kalugina, Director of Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant, commented on. "The procurement of drilling machines, such as Loch, will allow us to step back from the outsourcing of the key spare parts and details to the supports, as also will make it possible to master new technological processes, and, consequently, improve the quality of our products and bring our supports and, in particular, hydraulic control systems to a new level.”

Loch is designed to solve a number of technological problems, for which the existing machines did not fit, especially, for deep drilling operations. There are plans to improve the quality of hydraulic power components of own production and to expand the range of support props, and also to reduce the costs of their production using the new equipment.

The use of Loch capabilities will provide more efficient operation of the hydraulic props of the support owing to their advanced extension – up to 4.0-4.5 m. Moreover, this will ensure better adaptability to the formation changes. In addition, the reliability of support advancing hydraulic jacks will be enhanced: the welded rod design, consisting of several components, will be replaced with solid one.

All operations on Loch are automatic; the said drilling machine is equipped with numerical control system. Specialists of Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant have passed special three-day training on Loch operation. The equipment has already been put into operation.

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