Mechanic Engineers of Corum DrMP Joined the “Clean City” Campaign

02 May 2019

Mechanic Engineers of Corum DrMP Joined the “Clean City” Campaign

108 plant workers joined the DTEK campaign “Clean City” and cleaned up the green area near the Havrylivka entrance checkpoints of the plant. Now, this spot in Druzhkivka is absolutely immaculate.

For many years in a row, the employees of Corum DrMP have been cleaning the city park “Leninska Iskra”. The place is currently under reconstruction. Therefore the plant workers took care of another location – the sanitary protection zone which separates the plant from Toretsk hospital and the residential area. 

I gladly came to the clean-up event, so that I could make a realizable contribution to the spring cleaning of the city”, says Chief Specialist of Settlements and Payments – Yevhenia Kuzmenko. “Look, what a beautiful result – probably, because we really love our city and we all worked in a good mood.”

The place was not littered; rather, it was untended”, remarks Operator of Software-Controlled Machines of Workshop No.1 – Vera Kartamysheva. “After this event, the view is completely different: the alleys are swept up, kerbs are whitewashed, lawns are cleared out. Splendid!

During the clean-up event, the mechanic engineers cleaned the territory with an area of 4.5 ha, collected 80 cubic meters of leaves and cut down 2 trucks of undergrowth. They also promised to plant trees in autumn.

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