Corum machine builders have developed a unique equipment for Ukrainian miners

08 May 2019

Corum machine builders have developed a unique equipment for Ukrainian miners

The new cutting frontal complex KNF allows not only faster preparation of face for coal mining, but also makes the work of sinkers safer. Only two such machines are operated in Ukraine for now. The third KNF complex of machine builders "Corum Light of a Miner" will be transferred to Mine Administration "Pavlogradskoe."

KNF is the first such tunneling complex in the world. It is designed for excavation of rectangular cross-section in low-power layers, up to 2 meters. KNF complex fully mechanized the process of cutting niches in complex mining and geological conditions. Its capacity is up to 1.5 tons per minute. The complex is able to increase the mining speed up to 10 meters per day. This speeds up the launch of face for coal mining from thin layers by 30%. On average, with this technique, miners save a whole month on the preparation of one face.

KNF is a unique technique, it has no analogues in the world. We made a complex under number three for miners from DTEK Mine Administration "Pavlogradskoe." The first two are also working in the mines of DTEK Energy, — says Vadim Dergousov, Chief Engineer at Kharkov Machine-Building Plant "Corum Light of a Miner." — Each complex was made specifically for mining and geological conditions of customers.

The complex includes cutting combine, support, corner conveyor and elevator that enable miners to mount the mounting walker to put a new face into operation as quickly and safe as possible.

It is a pleasure to participate in creation of such equipment, — believes Nikolai Khvorost, Adjuster of Mechanical Workshop at "Corum Light of a Miner" plant.  — KNF is a modern, powerful, reliable and most importantly – easy to operate and maintain machine.

We are increasing coal production so that Ukrainian thermal power plants have enough Ukrainian fuel, and our country becomes more and more non-volatile, — says Vladimir Zhikin, Deputy Production Director for Mine Department of DTEK Dneprovskoye, where a similar complex is already operating.

Each mining team would like to have a helper like KNF, — convinced Evgeny Muntyan, combine operator at Mine Administration "Dneprovskoe." — The workplaces of machine operators and miners are equipped with powered roof supports, additionally equipped with remote flaps. They support the roof and protect the workers. The complex is powerful, productive and safe.

Machine builders and miners work together to develop unique equipment. Joint developments are moving forward two sectors at once – engineering and coal mining, and globally – the country's economy.


Corum Group is part of DTEK energy holding as a separate engineering business unit of DTEK Energy. Corum Group is the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine.

The Corum Group unites SCM engineering assets, and these are enterprises in Kharkov, Druzhkovka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhtspetsstroy, Corum Source and Corum Repair service companies, as well as foreign trading companies and representative offices. The company's key customers are the 14 largest mining holdings, with assets of 150 mines and quarries. The Corum equipment is used at the mining enterprises in 15 countries of the world.

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