Corum Group presented the first in Ukraine extra-thin seam coal miner combined machine

22 September 2020

An innovative development of the Corum Group, the CLS550P shearer, was presented at Corum Svet Shakhtera plant on the eve of Miner's Day. This is the most anticipated technique of 2020.

“CLS550P is our unique development, - says Mikhail Potapov, acting CEO of Corum Group. - This combined machine is capable of producing up to 10 tons of coal per minute in a very thin seam, from 0.85 m, with a cutting resistance of up to 550 kN / m. The combined machine is fully automated and guarantees safety for miners”.
Caption to the photo:  The length of the combined machine including the installed converter along the axes of the executive bodies is 7.78 m

CLS550P combined machine of gantry type with a box-shaped power frame housing for placement of feed units and an electric unit with a frequency converter.

“A distinctive feature of the CLS550P is that a frequency converter was installed on board the gantry harvester to work with a chainless feeding system,” says Anatoly Korolchuk, Manager for the cutter – loader machines at Corum Group. This will reduce the undercut of the side rocks, which means that the mines will get cleaner coal with a minimum content of rocks (ash content reduction by 4-5%).
Caption to the photo: The portal and the main building were made by the machine builders of Corum Svet Shakhtera plant from high-alloy steel with high abrasion resistance

CLS550P shearer has a modern visualization program. This allows you to monitor the work of the shearer in real time and automatically calculate the daily production. It can also analyze the recorded data in detail and determine the causes of reduced productivity and equipment downtime. 
 Caption to the photo: The electrical equipment is designed in accordance with the international standards for electrical equipment ATEX.

“The CLS550P was equipped with a modern control system,” says Dmitriy Pankov, New Products Engineering Manager at the Corum Group Engineering and Technical Center. - This allows you to control the loading of the main units and automatically adjust the speed of the combined machine. The control system controls the working functions of the combined machine: control automation, recording of operating parameters, communication between the combined machine and other equipment in the face, data transmission to the drift and / or to the surface. All this minimizes equipment downtime.
Caption to the photo: The CLS550P shearer is equipped with two control panels: a radio remote control and a drift control panel. You can select the type of remote control directly on the combined machine.

The CLS550P the cutter – loader machine is unified with the combined machines already operating at the DTEK mines in Ukraine: for the mechanical part, solutions from the UKD200-500 shearer are applied for 45%, for the electrical part, solutions from the CLS450 combine are applied for 20%.

“We are proud that we prove that Ukraine can produce modern and demanded equipment of the highest level,” says Alexander Kovalchuk, Director of the Corum Svet Shakhtera plant.
Industrial tests of CLS550P will be carried out at DTEK Pavlogradugol.

For the video about the CLS550P shearer, follow the link:

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