Mikhail Potapov Acting Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director
Mikhail Potapov Acting Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director

Mikhail Potapov has been acting as Chief Executive Officer of Corum Group since April 2018.

Mikhail Potapov has 16-year experience in the field of economy and finances.

He has been occupying the position of Corum Group’s Chief Financial Officer since April 2012. During the period of his work for the Group, he has managed to build a system for current assets management, strengthen the role of IT services in business process management and increase the investment activity efficiency.

Under his auspices, the Group has introduced a new budgeting system and implemented a project for payment system management automation.

Before coming to our Group, Mikhail worked for the largest Iron and Steel Works “Krivorizhstal” and holding company AvtoKrAZ, where he rose from the Deputy Methodology and Audit Director to Deputy General Director - Economy and Finances Director.

Roman Faborovskyi Finance Director
Roman Faborovskyi Finance Director

In April 2018, Roman Faborovskyi was appointed Finance Director in Corum Group.

Before taking a position at Corum, he had worked for DTEK Energy as Head of IFRS Financial Reporting Department. During that time, he gave strong and effective leadership to the Department, which substantially shortened the period for preparation and conduct of the audit of consolidated financial statements. He took an active part in the automation of business processes and consolidated reporting system, as well as in the process of integrating new companies, restructuring the loan portfolio and issuing the Eurobonds.

Roman graduated from the Donetsk State Academy of Management with a degree in Finance.

Igor Vovk HR Direct
Igor Vovk HR Direct
Igor Vovk headed Corum Group's Human Resources Directorate in October 2019. Before that, he worked for seven years at DTEK, where he built a career from the HR manager to the Head of Compensation and Benefits Management for Electricity Generation.
His professional achievements include introducing a grading remuneration system, managing anti-crisis projects, developing a staff incentivization system, introducing a cafeteria-style benefits plan, and other HR projects. He transformed the company engaged in energy construction into a full-fledged EPCM structure. This increased the efficiency of the enterprise.
Igor has two advanced degrees. In 2004, he graduated from Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University, majoring in Motor Vehicles and Vehicle Fleet. Three years later, he was granted a diploma from Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskiy National University, where he majored in Organization Management.
Corum Group's HR Director continues to improve his professional skills. In 2019, he completed his training at DTECK Academy's Energy of Knowledge program at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.
Marina Tatarintseva Director of Legal Support
Marina Tatarintseva Director of Legal Support

Marina Tatarintseva is the Director of Legal Support of Corum Group.

She started her career in 1999 in Donetsk Oblast State Administration, where she worked for 12 years, 5 of which she was the head of the Legal Service. While working in the public sector, legal acts issued by state bodies were not canceled in court, which confirms the professionalism of the service headed by Marina.

From 2011 to 2013 Marina headed the Department of Statutory Regulation at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine. She managed the process of large-scale reorganization of the Ministry during the merger of two ministries. She built a vertical of interaction with legal services of subordinate enterprises, introducing a system of raising their qualifications.

Marina Tatarintseva worked at the Administrative Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as an advising assistant to the people's deputy of Ukraine. There she gained experience in drafting legislation in the sphere of regional development, local self-government and their support at the Verkhovna Rada. She also engaged in social and charitable activities in a number of organizations, such as: "Development of the Azov Region" (Mariupol) and "Restoring Donbass" (Kyiv).

In 2017 she started to work at DTEK. She headed the legal direction at DTEK Dnipro Grids. By the results of the year 2018, the team headed by Marina was recognized as the best among the companies of DTEK Networks group.

Valerii Krupytskyi acting director of production
Valerii Krupytskyi acting director of production

Valerii Ivanovych has been in the mining machinery manufacturing industry for nearly 40 years: half of this period – in the Corum Group. At different stages of Company development, he headed various directions: from marketing to production. 

His most significant achievement during work in Corum Group is the development of trade relations with clients at the international level. He was in charge of creation Corum representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland. 

Valerii Ivanovych has a vast experience in production of the mining equipment. During the last years he worked as the head of the Product Development Department, and before this he headed the Corum Group Longwall Equipment Department.

Till 2000 Valerii Krupytskyi worked at the Rutchenkivskyi Mining Equipment Repair Plant, which repaired powered roof supports, shearers, roadheaders and armoured face conveyor drives. Then he was engaged in the research activity at the Research Institute of the Mining Mechanical Engineering n.a. Fedorov (Donetsk). He developed and implemented technologies of use of polymeric materials for the mining equipment part recovery. 

There was period in his career when, according to the Intergovernmental memorandum, he worked at the Iran coal enterprises as a part of Ukrainian specialists group. 

At the very beginning of his career, he managed to work in the “Bilozirska” mine. Therefore, he knows enough about work of miners to understand their requirements and to propose technology solution for creation of the safe and efficient work environment. 

Valerii Krupytskyi mastered the "Mining machines and complexes” specialty at the Donetsk Polytechnical Institute. He studied art of sales and business activity at courses at the B2B Ray and Miller Heiman Group companies. Today, he continues to master the skills at the profile trainings.   

Alexey Zhytnik Director of Corum Shahtspetsstroy
Alexey Zhytnik Director of Corum Shahtspetsstroy

Alexey Zhytnik came to work for the Group in January 2011 to occupy the position of the Head of the Department for Design Works. In March 2012, due to his wide experience and high operational efficiency, he headed the Mining Transport Department and in October 2012, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Division of Infrastructural Projects.

With him being involved personally, the Group implemented a project for replacement of CSh5*4 hoisting machine and switched to the OEM-production model, which was a considerable step on the way to improving efficiency of the Group’s business processes.

Beginning with 2015, Alexey Zhytnik is the Acting Director of the Division of Infrastructural Projects.

He began his labour activities at Dongormash Plant, where he rose from a design engineer to the Deputy Chief Designer. He has a degree of master in mining.

Vladimir Churilov Chief Procurement Officer and Logistics
Vladimir Churilov Chief Procurement Officer and Logistics

Vladimir Churilov is currently the director of Corum Resource and has many years of experience in procurement and supply chain management for DTEK's Coal Business Unit. Vladimir has worked his way through Corum Group, from a specialist in the Department for Procurement Control and Analysis to the Head of the Department for Procurement Strategy Development and Head of the Department for Tender Procedures. In 2016, he was appointed the director of the Logistics Support Department of the Obukhovskaya Mine Office. Two years after that, he was named Deputy Director for Services.


Vladimir's achievements in his last position at Obukhovskaya Mine Office include:


* Creating a stable work process for procurement: he put together a team of employees from separate divisions who began to work towards the common goal of improving the enterprise's operational efficiency.


* Creating a pool of suppliers from scratch and built long-term relations with each enterprise in order to consistently provide the Mine Office with products it needs.


* Forming an agreement with contractors on the uninterrupted supplies of necessary products to the enterprise in a crisis period. This allowed the Mine Office to continue operations and fulfilling its planned targets.


* Adjusting the procurement schedule to meet production needs. 


* Transferring 10-15 product categories that were centrally purchased by the corporate office to enterprise procurements. This made it possible to provide the enterprise with products it needs without delay.


Vladimir Churilov has a Master's degree in Economic Cybernetics from the Donetsk National Technical University. In 2019, he received his Master's degree in business administration from the Kyiv Mohyla Business School and DTEK Academy. 

Tatyana Kalugina Director of the Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant
Tatyana Kalugina Director of the Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant
Tatyana Kalugina is the director of the Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant 

She has been working in the machine-building industry for more than 30 years. Her career started from a position of the process engineer. Then she became the Head of the Technical Department – Chief Engineer of the Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant. In 2015 she was appointed to the position of the Chief Engineer-Deputy Director of the Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant. Since March, 2016, she was appointed to the position of the director of the Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant. 

Under her management, the plant has rapidly mastered the production of the Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant and the Donestkhirmash nomenclature positions. They include: VRTsD-4,5 rotor fans, VOD-30М2 axial fans, various types of the hoisting equipment, skips, cages, parachutes, LPEP sinking winches, belt conveyors, NP-200 pumps, KPD roadheaders. 

Tatyana Kalugina has a degree in "Metallurgy, equipment and technology of heat treatment of metals". She graduated from the Donetsk Polytechnical Institute.
Alexander Kovalchuk Director of “Corum Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant
Alexander Kovalchuk Director of “Corum Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant

Alexander Kovalchuk heads the “Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant since April, 2014.

He studied at the Novocherkassk Polytechnical Institute n.a. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. He graduated the Institute in 1978 and obtained the mining mechanical engineer degree in the “Mining Machines and Complexes” specialty. He has been working in the machine-building industry for more than 40 years. He began his career immediately after graduation. He passed a professional path from a workshop foreman to the chief engineer of the “Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant. In 2012, he headed the LLC Corum Group Longwall and Tunnelling Equipment Division. In 2014, he was appointed as Marketing and Sales Director of LLC Corum Group.

In 2008, he graduated the PhD program in "Mechanical Engineering Technology".

In 2014, after the loss of assets in the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Donbass, and the concentration of production of the Corum Company at two plants: the “Svitlo Shakhtarya” and the Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant, he was transferred to the “Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant. Under Alexander Kovalchuk’s guidance, the plant in short time has mastered products of the Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant and the Donetsk Power Equipment Plant. In 2014, the plant began production of the new modern shearers. In particular, these are the KPD roadheaders, RKU longwall shearers, КА200 shearers, BPR drill-loaders, KNF cutting frontal complexes for tunnelling the installation chambers, KTPV transformer substations and a number of other products.

In 2017, the plant began production of the CLS450, KDK500 shearers. The release of new shearers has allowed miners to increase the coal production output considerably. Thus, for example, owing to CLS450, on November 5, 2019, the miners of Dobropilska mine (DTEK Dobropillyavuhillya) have set the record on production of 2 million tons of coal since the beginning of year. For the first time in the history of the enterprise, it took only 10 months for the miners to achieve such result. For comparison, in 2018, they have extracted by 640 th tons less for the same period.   And the KDK500 shearer, in October, 2019, has helped miners of the Sadkinskaya mine for the first time in 30 years of history of the enterprise to reach the record level of monthly production – nearly 278 th tons of coal. Production rate growth has allowed miners to accomplish the annual coal production program two months before the end of the calendar year.

In 2019, the plant has released the first prototype of the RH160 roadheader and has started development of the new CLS550P machine. In March, 2020, the plant has produced for the first time new model of KTPV-DV-630 transformer stations working in 10 kV networks for the Belaruskali JSC mines.

In total, the “Svitlo Shakhtarya” plant production range includes more than 221 th. positions. The plant continues to develop the product line by including the items being designed and produced.