Our achievements



Product portfolio development

We implemented unique comprehensive projects and introduced new products:

  • We completed the construction of a main fan unit for Zaporozhye Iron Ore Works with two fans ВО-42,5РЗ.
  • We created the world's first roadcutter system КНФ, which has already been tested and is produced on a large-scale basis.
  • We upgraded the heavy lining 3КД90ТС, and tripled its resource.
  • We brought to the market a completely new development - a shearer CLS450.
  • We completed the construction and reinforcement of the shafts of the Nui Beo Mine in Vietnam.
  • We mastered the extraction of gypsum with the help of КПД for Siniat.
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Service and repairs

1. We created two divisions in this key area of our business:

  • The Production Direction carries out major and large-scale repairs in the repair shops of "Corum Svet Shakhtyora" and “Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant".
  • Corum Repair provides service and performs emergency and recovery operations on sites near the Client's facilities.

2. For the previous 2 years, 1863 service orders have been completed.

3. The repair of the Client's equipment was reduced in 3 times.

4. The remote training of customers to the intricacies of work with the company's equipment was implemented.

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Development of relations with customers

1. We increased the transparency of the sales process and changed the approach to them. As a result, the volume of contracts concluded in 2016 increased by 32% compared to 2015.

2. We focused on markets where we have expertise - with complex mining and geological conditions (Iran, Estonia, Macedonia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Russia).

3. We develop individual solutions for each Client taking into account the conditions of mines and minery.


Our staff

1. Learned to adapt quickly to changes.

2. Invented and implemented the project "School of internal coaches". 62 coaches were qualified, who developed 80 training programs.

3. Implemented an institute of mentoring to fill the shortage of workers in enterprises and improve their skills:

  • 117 mentors were trained, with 74 successors working under them;
  • 56 students have already been transferred to the workers;
  • 1586 persons are involved in work at the enterprises.

4. Built a fast decision-making system.

5. Built an effective organizational structure, moving from divisional to functional one.

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Increasing production efficiency

1. Our plants in Kharkov and Druzhkovka mastered the production of 23 thousand new products. These are the product lines previously produced at the enterprises, the control on which was lost in 2014.

2. UAH 77 million UAH was invested in the development of production capacities: debottlenecking and automation of processes.

3. The production time of the КПД roadheader production was reduced to 100 days. In 2015, it took 210 days.

4. A centralized procurement system was built.

5. The working capital was reduced, and its quality was improved.

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  • Company adopted the Code of Corporate Ethics
  • Corum and Metinvest Group concluded a Strategic Alliance agreement for a period of five years
  • Company signed a declaration of intent to establish a joint venture in China
  • Corum incorporated enterprises "Shahtspetsstroy" and "Luganskgiproshakht"
  • Corum drill-loading machine won the Grand Prix at the exhibition "Coal of Russia and Mining 2014"
  • The assembly sites were opened on the basis of the plants "Corum Svet Shakhtyora" and “Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant"
  • A new repair and service centre in Kuzbass was opened
  • The new KBT200 was launched on the market - the world's first shearer with vertical drum-type operating members and a chainless feed system
  • The main office of the company was moved to Kiev
  • The first 2 roadheaders were supplied on the market of Poland
  • The Corum winder set its first record at the mine named after Heroiv Cosmosa
  • Construction of two mine shafts in Vietnam was completed
  • Corum is a winner of the award "HR-brand Ukraine 2014" in the nomination "World"
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  • Equipping the longwall with a mechanized complex in "Obukhovskoye" mining department
  • Conclusion of an agreement on the Strategic Alliance with DTEK
  • Introduction of a new progressive pay in the company
  • Opening a permanent office in Poland
  • The company was renamed as Corum Group (Corum)
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  • Creation of three product Divisions in accordance with our Strategy
  • Supply of main fans to "Nornickel" and "Kazakhmys"
  • Opening of specialized repair facilities in Gorlovka - for the repair of coal shearers and in Druzhkovka - for the repair of powered roof supports
  • Equipping the longwall in DTEK "Pavlogradugol" with a mechanized complex
  • Opening of a representative office in Vietnam and signing of a contract with the Vietnamese company VINACOMIN on the construction of mine shafts
  • Supply of modernized rotor installations for rotary excavators to the Gacko open pit (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Opening of representative offices of the Trading Company "Mining Machines RUS" in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and Stary Oskol
  • Merger with the company of the Kharkov machine-building plant "Svet Shakhtyora"
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  • Development and approval of the Company's Development Strategy
  • Regulation and standardization of all processes in the Company
128 years of experience of successful solutions
35 thousand meters advanced by shaft sinking and heading methods
>500 mln tons of coal mined by means of Corum equipment over the recent six years